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Poe's Pen

by Deborah Thomas (Age: 57)
copyright 10-24-2005
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 10 +
Poe's Pen
Picture Credits: Diablo 08/23/2007 R.I.P.

I know how Poe's pen did write
and how his heart did weep
As torment tossed in dead of night
he longed for restful sleep.

But sleep he not, and nor will I
till sun rise at my door.
Yes, love is lost, but tears will dry.
I'll face the day once more.

For in the day, no ghosts survive
to battle with my mind.
Flowers, birds, I am alive!
To dwell with human kind.

Forsaking demons of the night,
forgetting all the pain.
Remembering only what is right
is how I will remain.

But twilight comes as once before
laying fear as tho a cloak.
Heavy on my shoulder bore
so tightly 'round my throat!

Sleep he not, and nor will I,
armed with page and pen.
Ghosts of past and demons die
and I shall live again.

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        11-01-2010     Susan Brown        

This is wonderful. I was pleased to see you brought it out (excellent timing-Autumn) as previously "somehow" I'd missed it.

        10-10-2007     BJ Niktabe        

Congratulations on winning the contest with this wonderful piece! I know I praised it before, but that was then, and this is now, for now it is not just good, but a winner!

Besides, I still love it! :)

        10-02-2007     Richard Reed Jr        


for submitting the winning PnP poem in September.
I cannot remember a poem more richly deserving.

Every time I read it it seems to get better.

Great rhyming scheme, a haunting rhythm like that of Poe and a structure with a EAP lilt to it.

It has been on my fav's list for a long time.



        11-06-2006     Neb Tanner        

Wow! I am taken aback! I absolutely love this poem! The imagery is spectacular and just the wording is awesome.

        10-11-2006     BJ Niktabe        

This is an absolutely beautiful write! The way you put your words together paint a wonderful picture in my mind. Your talent shines through very strong in this one. Awesome!

        10-10-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

Beautiful imagery here and the story of struggle through adversity is great. This is one of your best poems - a classic, worthy of Poe himself.


Sleep tight!


        09-12-2006     Alysyn Ayrica Bourque        

Wonderfully brooding, yet hopeful in it's undertone. A beautifully commemorative Poe-etic style (sorry, couldn't pass up the opportunity...).

I would only change the words "sleep" to "sleeps", as it is grammatically more correct in the structure in which you are using it ("sleeps he not" is the same as "he sleeps not". See how that works?)

I'm a Poe fan, so this was certainly appealing and enjoyable. Thank you, Deborah.

        11-07-2005     Jeniffer Brand        

Debbie, this was a very wonderful write!!!! I love reading things I can almost relate too! Thank you for writing that!

        10-28-2005     Jean George        

I really do like this one Debby...Your meter, rhythm and rhyme pattern is terrific. I also like the Poe-ish influence in your lines....I always believe that the nighttime lowers one's resistance to depression and that it is the time when one feels most vulnerable....It is so much harder to pretend that life is 'perfect' in the dark. You are an excellent addition to our poet's family with your originality of style and thought.

        10-26-2005     Tiffany Forster        

-hands her a cookie-
Wow is all I can wow wow...

        10-26-2005     Brian Dickenson        

Very occasionally I read a poem that stops me dead. This is such a poem.
Wonderful imagery and flow, it makes my efforts pale by comparison, I salute you as a poet.
Please let us have more.

        10-25-2005     Roger Crique        

Ah, Edgar, my Poe! This is absolutely brilliant! It is intricate, filled with insightful clues of dead of night. Exquisite imagery, and daring flow, for the words you employ can easily trip the swiftest of tongues. Vincent Price, my foot! I would love to hear Edgar himself orate this Masterpiece! Little by little, you are exhibiting the talent that I knew you had. I saw it the minute I read your work. But you showed restraint and I think I know why! I'm impressed Debbie! I absolutely love this poem!

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