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Twisted Tongues

by Roger Crique (Age: 60)
copyright 10-27-2005

Age Rating: 10 +
Twisted Tongues

I hear your murmurings from above
Your thoughts I perceive
As I hear the rain
For you climb higher and higher
In hopes of reaching me

Your curses I judge from a distance
For I know your words and deeds
You seek to reach the heavens
Your spirit you hearken onto me
For you climb higher than before

Brick upon brick
Mortar upon mortar
You seal it with ignorance
You fashion it with pride
But you will not reach me

I am who I am
And your words I shall confound
Your tongues I shall twist
For none have asked my permission
You shall not reach my perch

Your tower shall weaken
For it is built upon greed
Your patchwork shall crumble
Your cement shall not bond
For I will twist your words
And I shall tie your tongues
For I am who I am

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        02-09-2014     Regina Lehman        

Very good poem...Man kind thinks that he can get along without God and do things on his own..Jesus is control of every thing that goes on in the world and in our lives.He sees all and nothing gets pass his eyes..

        12-05-2012     Sarah Anne Campbell        

I truly understood what this meant. Coming from my perspective, this touched my heart. I'm so glad to have come across it, otherwise I would have not known about others and what would truly happen! Thank you for letting me see the light!

        10-29-2005     Tiffany Forster        

I really quite like this one. And I felt rather smart as I actually knew the subject matter story, one of my favorite biblical stories actually. You did it justice, well done!

        10-28-2005     David Pekrul        

Man is still trying to build their own Tower of Babel, but God says there is only one way to reach Him, and that is through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
Good write.

One small critique: "For non (should be 'none') have ask (should be 'asked') my permission

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