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Little Fireflies

by Heather Czigan
copyright 10-28-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

Open the jar, little baby
See what's inside
Look at all the little firflies
Buzzing around in their little glass home
Lighting up the world so bright
Look in the jar, little baby
So many fireflies
Don't let them out
Or you will lose their light
So bright
Look all around, little baby
At all the little lights
They are fireflies too
Catch them and hold them
Don't let them go
Look at the firfly, little baby
You've caught upon your hand
See the pretty glow
Dancing on your fingrtips
Anxious to go
Let them go, little baby
Let them go
You've had your fun with them
Now let them have their own
Flying around in the dark night sky
Look at them now, little baby
Watch and wave goodbye

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