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Leaving Heavy Dreams Behind

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 10-30-2005

Age Rating: 13 +

Author Note: Thoughts from Taxi...she was going to be an actress and I was gonna learn to fly... she took off to find the foot lights I took off to find the sky... Harry Chapin

It was a dream I have been having. I find her every night. We were the beginning. I picked her up at the light. She was a wander of the days and the dreams. She was the answer to all my soft more schemes. She asked no questions. Just wanted a place to stay. In my arms she was my lady. Well at least for today.

There is a wide eyed monster waiting inside me trying to get out
There is a lesson to be learned from the inside out
There is a face of grace screaming to the sun
There is hope for me in you my son

She stops starts to cry
She is seasons in the sky
She takes and takes as he lies
She sleeps in his keeps as her soul dies

There is this wide eyed vision of what love is about
There is a place to lay in a mind that warms
There is a must have in the quiet storm
There is image lost in her final shout

Call falls inside her heart song
Call of burn and sigh as it explodes
Call inside the pride of youth to implode
Call of the wild side of hope leather and dope

Hood and the angel take their place as the table is set
Hood and angel have not lost their joy yet
Hood and angel lay their body down
Hood and angel a perfect sound

Night time is for releases of the pressures of day. I slip from the shadows. I live to take her away. Come stop in the darkness. Ride with me for awhile. I have a pen that is teaching how to smile. Every stop is memory. Every voice is a friend. Every thought will guide me. Love comes again.

Author's Notes Harry Chapin, I am not but I was listening to taxi, and I could not get it out of my mind... It has been sitting there for two weeks, finally wrote it free... Walt

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        10-31-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

I write poems in a lot of different ways, but the ones that fester, so to speak, seem to be the ones that truly are my most favorite.Your dream girl will love the journey you have planned. Your words do teach and a open heart will find many a friend! Make this day whatever you will like, a poet's mind finds no barriers! Anthony

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