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I am the Ocean

by Lola Youngdahl (Age: 25)
copyright 10-30-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

This poem is inspired by a poem my friend Bunneh wrote! Thank you Bunneh for letting me be inspired by you, I love you!

These people who love me
they come to me for comfort
my beauty
the fun I provide
the atmosphere around me

they like to sit and watch me
some like to enlighten me
with their presence
and brighten my day

These people who are afraid
of the things inside me
the things that could come out
and harm them

the waves
that could push them away
the animals
that can tear them apart

These people who abuse me
I don't understand them
why would they want too
I do all I can for them

they pollute oil into my body
they kill my insides
take the creatures within me
I feel helpless.

I am the ocean.

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