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Why I Came

by Tiffany Forster (Age: 30)
copyright 11-07-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

I'm waiting in the wings of darkness
Watching you on stage
Enraptured by every move you make
Can you really see me?
Can you feel me near?
I'm waiting in the shadows
Waiting out of fear
I must go on in the way that the world moves
The way that the sun turns in the sky
Yet I'm ever wishing that the stars would surround me
And whisper to me their sweet lullaby
Can you feel me, don't you see me
Calling silently for you?
Meet me someday before the sunrise
So we can watch a new day break through
I'm waiting in the wings of darkness
Waiting just for you
Deep in the shadows, found not in daylight
I hide right in front of you
Yet I'm still wishing, yes I'm still waiting
Hoping dreams come true
I know that no matter who you are
I know that even though you are
Not mine at this time
You can help me find
Lost in the darkness
Waiting in shadows
Wrapped in these wings of silence
You will hear me call your name
You will feel me just the same
You will know it's not a game
I know you will find me
I know you will hear me
You won't fear me

And this I know
That's why I came.

((Umm, yes, really rather a random poem. I was rather torn at the time of writing this, hence why it looks like four different poems strung together, but I invoke that dear poetic license to cover for that. ^.^))

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        01-13-2006     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Ahhh...the darkness of not being seen. Wondering, questioning, and wishing. All dark and familiarly emotions to me. The express them very well in this poem. I really like the style you write in. It's dark and there's a lot of emotion in your words. It's not too random either. Like I've said, I really enjoy dark poems and yours are on my top 7 favorite dark authors. But I'm getting distracted. Very good work! The shadows of darkness live...

        12-31-2005     Richard Reed Jr        

I loved the emotion in your poem. It had a haunting quality to it.
The ending was very good.
In spite of poetic license, Its a gem.

-hands her a poetic license-
(and a cookie)

        12-10-2005     David Pekrul        

On the light side, the narrator sounds like a stalker, lol.
On the darker side, the narrator sounds like one who is longing for someone that does not know they even exist; just longing for someone that is out of their reach.
This is a fine poem.

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