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Rhyming's For EVERYONE!

by Haley Robinson (Age: 23)
copyright 11-26-2005

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Rhyming can be for any age.
It's for big and small,
And even teenagers at the mall.
Even for a sage.*

It's for students,
Homemakers, foreigners,
And people that live in basements.*

It's for people that strive,
It's for people that eat,
It's for beautiful athletes,
And for people that know how to survive.*

It's for tennis players,
Soccer people,
People people,
And aspiring mayors.*

It's for Beauties,
It's for beasts.
It's for people whom like feasts,
And for MEs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

*Like Me!

***Note:: I was REALLY bored when I wrote this...=]

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