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Judy 2u

by Deborah Thomas (Age: 57)
copyright 11-29-2005

Age Rating: 1 +
Judy 2u

To Michael P,
Thank you, my friend, for your inspiration.

In the Land of Michael, in a garden by the sea
Lived Dame Judith 2u, (that's Judy to you and me).

Born a full grown lady, at the age of forty two,
She promptly started aging from quite old to being new!

It all began in Coxley, where she met Sir Rupert James,
He told her tales of Snifflelumps and fancy folks with funny names.

Once the year was past, it went fast, as all was fun,
Suddenly she noticed that she had turned to forty one!

Every year thereafter, being silly and acting strange,
Kept her turning even younger, thanks to Sir Rupert James.

The stories that he told her made her laugh and laugh,
Until one day her wrinkles came right off while in the bath!

Now she spins her own tales of once being forty two,
Of how the Land of Michael made her feel brand new.

In her garden with her kittens, busy bees and hummingbirds,
Judy gazes at her roses, thinking thoughts that are absurd.

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        01-22-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

An excellent upbeat poem considering the subject.
there are bad sides and good sides to growing old. As with everything els in life, why not look at the good? Well-structured nicely rhymed poem, with excellent rhythm,


        12-17-2005     Brian Dickenson        

I do like this, you have laid out before us the myths of growing old.
One only grows old when one forgets how it feels to be young.
I loath the idea of growing up, my daughter and friends call me Peter Pan, which is fine, he is my hero.
Stay young, Brian

        12-06-2005     Roger Crique        

I don't know why, but thoughts of a grandchild came to mind, a grandchild that removes the wrinkles off his grandmother by injecting in her the laughter and the joy that only a child can bring. I most definitely have to say that you, Debbie, really let it go this time (your imagination!) I think you did a very nice job with your rhymes and with all the clever depictions of a person acting back-wards! Ah, the fountain of youth, where is it again?

        12-05-2005     Ernest Lozon        

A beautiful poem with a wonderful written story behind it. Great rhythm throughout and the flow was easy and smooth making it a very interesting piece to read and follow. The humor that was added throughout the entire piece caught my attention and made this an enjoyable one to read. Very well done Deb, Ernie.

        12-05-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

This is cute, but don't come to me for a diper change! I'll be the one running around naked looking cute again...I hope!
You made me laugh...thank you! Anthony
( glad you did not use that picture of him! LOL)

        11-30-2005     Deborah Thomas        

Funny that the picture I picked came from David Pekrul. I told him that I was going to write him a silly verse, and here it is. It was a pure coincidence that I chose his picture for this poem, but quite appropriate, don't you think?

I give all of the credit (or blame) to Michael, for helping me find the nerve to use my imagination.
So, now you know!
Debbie (that's Judy 2u, Michael!)

        11-29-2005     David Pekrul        

This is cute, and sounds like the outline to a really great story. I'm sure it is everyone's fantasy to get younger as time goes by. Imagine knowing all the things we do, yet being only 6 years old! The only downside -- who wants to go through puberty again!?

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