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by David Pekrul
copyright 12-06-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

Oh, my gosh and golly-gee,
Look at you and look at me,
Childhood sweethearts from the start,
We will never be apart.

I remember as a child,
How you light up when you smiled,
Even then I loved you so,
I just thought you'd like to know.

When in school at morning bell,
We did our math and learned to spell,
Then at noon we'd share our lunch,
Even then I had a hunch,

One day I would marry you,
And so I watched you as you grew,
Become the woman who you are,
You are my Angel and my Star.

And though we age and become old,
It's only you I want to hold,
For you are still my childhood dream,
I lift you up in high esteem.

And now my eyes are aging fast,
And sometimes I forget the past,
But I still see a little girl,
Who sent my heart into a whirl.

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        12-08-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

You were probably cute back then. She was young and didn't know better. I'm glad she was smart enough to see through the fog and keep you anyway. You make a cute couple, even with the dog! LOL good one my friend! Anthony

        12-07-2005     Tiffany Forster        

I like this, it made me smile.You really give the feeling of a love that is ongoing. This is so happy and, well, inspiring actually. Hope that eveyone finds this kind of love. -hands him a candy cane and hot chocolate- Cheers!

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