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If I were a rose........

by Callie Stutts (Age: 21)
copyright 12-30-2005

Age Rating: 4 +

If I were a rose....

I would wake up, and see the sunrise on bright early mornings,

I would make a graceful shadow on the green grass in the park.

If I were a rose.....

I would have wondrous dewdrops on my blood-red petals,

And would rest in a flowerbed of fellow roses as I listened to the birds sing.

I would chat with the insects and little creatures as they would admire me from afar,

Oh if only I were a rose.....

By: Callie S. :)

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        04-17-2006     Shannon Walter        

This is nice. Sometimes don't you just wish that you were a rose. There would be no problems. You could be so carefree. Well I the only thing you'll really have to worry about is frost. lol

        03-29-2006     Angela Toshner        

hmm I like dewdrops on blood-red petals. Kinda like an oxymoron(wow did I spell that wrong)

        01-07-2006     Vicki Grinrod        

This is such a fantabulous poem. Honestly. -pokes Callie- Become a poet or I will poke you more! -very evil cackle- This poem tells the reader about how much you like roses and how pretty they are... if you get my drift. Great job!

        01-07-2006     Haley Robinson        

Great job. It was short and sweet. I liked it alot. It makes me picture beautiful roses everywhere. But there were a few errors.

1. I have a feeling you meant "sunrise" in:
"I would wake up, and see the sunset on bright early mornings,"

2. I think you meant "listened" in:
"And would rest in a flowerbed of fellow roses as I listed to the birds sing."

Otherwise, good job! I loved it, it was really pretty.

Good Job. I can't wait to read more by you.


        01-04-2006     Jenny Buzzard        

Hello Callie.

This is a lovely image you are portraying with your words.

As much as I like the contradiction found in waking up and seeing the sunset - I'm not sure that should be sunrise?

Penultimate line - I think you mean 'they' rather than 'the'?

I really like this. Nicely done.


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