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Miyuki's Story
Character Guide

by Mika Lee (Age: 24)
copyright 12-31-2005

Age Rating: 7 +

PLEASE NOTE: This Story is also posted on my site, Eternal Darkness so dont think I stole it

Name: Miyuki Kojima
Age: 12-13
DOB: March 23
Hair: Blackish-brown
Eyes: One gold, one red
Gender: Female
Closest Friend(s): Mika, Kakimo
Description: When she was 5, she was seprated from her parents and for a good reason. Everyone who was around her some how fell ill and soon died. Her parents didnt want to see her go but about one year after, they forgot all about it. When Miyuki realized that, her world felt shattered. From that time on, she hardly talked and just became more powerful and fed off her own depression. Years later, she was found by a woman and a bunch of other people her age and they took Miyuki to live with them. Everyone was so happy besides Mika and Kakimo. They hardly talked but, they could understand each other. Everyday when they ate dinner, she was quiet and at times, she would hide and away and cry to herself. This story, is her story...

Name: Kakimo Sakajima
Age: 13
DOB: July 16
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Gender: Female
Closest Friend(s): Miyuki, Mika
Description: Kakimo was also found by the same person that found Miyuki. Her parents abandonded her when she was 4. She was left to survive on her own. Shes really strong because of that. She used to steal food and whatever she could from stores. She knew it was wrong, but it was either that, or death. One day somebody caught her and they sent her to a family, but they were worse than living on the streets.The family was poor, there was not much to eat, and they had 3 kids. Day by day, it kept getting worse for her until she decided to run away from that family, she didnt think they would even notice and they didnt. After that, she returned to life on the streets until the someone came and took her in. She was treated as a normal person but days passed and for some reason, the other kids ignored her and soon the woman who took her in ignored her. She was sad and lonely but she decided to stay because they could take care of her. When others see her, she just has a blank expression on her face but when shes alone, she cries and cries...

Name: Mika Kio
Age: 12-13
DOB: December 31
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Gender: Female
Closest Friend(s): Miyuki, Kakimo
Description: Her past is also quite sad. She had 3 sisters and 2 brothers. She was ignored out of all of those people. Her parents wouldnt let her attend school because they thought she couldnt do anything. To her parents, she was invisible. They wouldnt feed her, wouldnt take her anywhere. When her parents weren't home, she would sneak and grab some food to eat. Her favorite hobby was to make things out of string. One day her parents caught her sneaking food and threw her out of the house. It was a few days before she would turn 7. It was cold in the snow and the wind was high. Her foot slipped and she fell. She was unconcious and woke up at a warm house. She woke up and saw Kakimo and a bunch of other kids. A woman welcomed her warmly but Mika couldnt trust anyone so she remained silent. Other kids didnt talk to her becuase she wouldnt talk but, once in a while, she would let her voice out and talk to Miyuki and Kakimo...

Name: Kiki Misaka
Age: 13
DOB: June 23
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Gender: Female
Closest Friend(s): Lina
Description: Kiki is cheerful, life doesnt bother her at all. You mostly see her smiling so how did she end up in where she is with everyone else? Her parents were shot and killed and from then on, she lived with her sister but then she died too. Kiki was sent to live with the same people Kakimo and Mika and Miyuki live with. Kiki keeps smiling and is very caring. She doesnt want to see another persons blood, she doesnt want to see anyone die again...

Name: Lina Kunai
Age: 15
DOB: November 5
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Gender: Female
Closest Friend(s): Kiki
Description: Lina is really kind, she does anything to help anyone. She specializes in medicines and wants to be a doctor. She seems elegant and graceful, but shes really quite clutzy. She wants to care for Miyuki but shes afraid what others might think of her. She loves playing instruments, mostly the voilin but, shes really talented at almost everything...

Name: Sena
Age: 14
DOB: August 24
Hair: Purplish-blue
Eyes: Brown
Gender: Female
Closest Friend(s): Kirika
Description: Sena is the kind of person who worries about what she looks like. She was found on the street and brogut to where she is now. Her favorite hobbie is making jewlery. She also enjoys eating too. Even though she is 14 years old, she still has a very playful personality...

Name: Kirika Shuma
Age: 16
DOB: October 13
Hair: Dark Purple
Eyes: Black
Gender: Female
Closest Friend(s): Sena
Description: Even though Kirika and Sena are close friends, they are almost complete opposites. When she was young, her parents were murdered in front of her eyes and she was almost killed along with them but, she ended up killing the murderer. Thats when she decided that she has to survive on her own and not have anyone else protect her. Shes really strong and the oldest out of everyone. She practices with swords and they are her main weapons but, she mostly uses a bow and arrow.

Name: Sua Miomoju
Age: 21
DOB: September 14
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Gender: Female
Closest Friend(s): None
Description: Sua is the person who took everyone in. The place she owns is somewhat like an orpahanage but a bit different. She doesnt hate her job, actually she enjoys it. Her parents are aboard and they left her to take the family buisness. When she first saw Miyuki, he first impression was, "shes such a cute girl!" but then later, she ended up hating her...

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        01-18-2006     Jane Lee        

Lots of characters.... >.<

I'm sorry
i'm sorry
i'm sorry

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