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Oblivion II
Chapter 3

by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
copyright 01-04-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

I stood there tensed and ready for a fight. Enigma's fin arose from the sea and was idle for the moment. I knew I didn't have a chance against it, for I was only a Gravity Mage. Beating Enigma would be imposable if not suicide. Deluding gravity and putting up force fields isn't going to get me too far. I braced my felt for the attack but Enigma didn't strike. I stood my ground till I didn't think it would attack. I returned to Bainen as I focused and was pulled into the Demention chamber. I focused my mind on how Dainen looked as I wouldn't be pulled into another Demention. When I opened my eyes I wish I hadn't. Iokozame stood there on the spot staring at the destruction that had once been the capital of Bainen. Quienken was gone. There were metal supports and ash everywhere. I'd liven in Quienken for all of my life and I felt a pull at my heart. I knew showing emotions wasn't my thing but I really felt bad.
"It seems...that Enigma attacked when we weren't here..." I said looking for dead bodies and then remembered that Enigma didn't leave a body behind when it killed.
"Well, the Underground's be okay."
"The place may be, but it's members..." I trailed off sadly.
"We're most likely the only ones." He replied surveying the damage.
"What's...what's going on here?" the Eternal Mage asked afraid.
"Don't worry. The danger has passed, now the only thing left is the clean up." I said regaining my emotionless attuned.
"What's that mean...?" She questioned hesitantly.
"We'll tell you everything once we reach the Underground." Iokozame said lifting the Trinity Staff's master. "We should make our way about now."
"Yes...let us proceed." Kaco, as she introduced herself to be was slow and tired out fast. We were still walking through the ruins of my old home a half hour since we arrived. The Underground as it was nicknamed was a huge odiously, underground orientation where some of the Mages of Bainen worked and planed way to slay Enigma. I sighed as we stopped for the girl for the sixth or seventh time. She was saying that she was sorry and only needed to rest a minutes as I sat down saying, "You know if you're only going to slow us down, you'll leave you behind."
She looked startled and afraid after I said thousand Iokozame being a flirt, put an arm around her saying, "Don't worried sweetie! I won't let Peridot leave you behind." He said this in a joking around and light manner. I knew deep down he was hurting but if he wanted to try to cheer a Eternal Mage with no training up, let him do so. Even though one day his flirting will get him into some deep trouble. But when I tell him that does that stop him? Of course not. He's too stubborn and originate to submit to suggestions of others. She looked kinda uncomfortable and scooted over. I shot him a disproving look, stood saying, "Let's go, it's going to be dark soon."
"Yeah you're right...and if we don't get to the Underground before night comes. It's almost twilight now. And the last thing we need is to be attacked from some of the hellish beasts around here."
"And with a invalid and a untrained Mage, we'd be toast."
"If I was the one fighting they'd be toast." Iokozame said elbowing me lightly.
"This is no time for jokes." I said as we continued. Before we could I held up and hand for silence as I heard a rustling in the near by bushes.

"Yes your Majesty?" Asked the girl standing beside my thrown. "Do you think Iokozame and Peridot are okay?"
"Why, of coarse your Majesty. There both strong and experienced Mages." She said with a smile.
"Yes...I hope you're right..."

I stood my ground waiting for what ever was there to come out and attack. The bushed rustled a little more as a snake cape slithering out.
"That's it...?" I questioned hesitantly.
"Apparently." Iokozame said shooting a small fire ball at it and killing it.
"How could something so small make bushed russel so much?"
"Maybe it's a snake Mage. Just because it's an animal doesn't mean it can't be a Mage."
"If it were a Mage it would have put up a fight and not of let you fri it." I pointed out.
"True, maybe it's just a stupid Mage."
"Like you?" I said blankly.
"Did anyone ever tell you that if you suddenly developed the powers of a Ice Mage that I'm sure no one would even glance in surprise?"
"Let your words cut how ever they wish." I said walking on.

Is it over? I wondered looking out from within my house. I could of sworn I say my classmate, Kaco out there a second ago. She disappeared with some guy orange hair, streaked with red... How was that even possible. I felt confused till I saw a huge fin protruding from the ocean. It was in front of the Bum Islands, as me, Kaco, and the rest of our group nicknamed them. I froze and wondered how this could be? This kind of thing only happens in fairy tales!

Senishone stood somberly as we watched Egnima destroy Givox. It was the city we had been living in for the last year or so. We both stood on the flat deck of the air ship and gazed at the destruction helpless. We couldn't do a damn thing. We both knew it. Shenishone accepted it, but me being a fighter to the end couldn't. I wanted to fight but I already knew that it was no use. None whatsoever. I stood somberly clutching the hilts of my daggers. I knew if I fought I'd be killed in seconds, and that it'd be a waste of years of training. I was 23 years old now, and I've been credited as an adult for awhile now. I can't give up now. I may not be able to destroy Enigma, but I can still save lives by fighting Egnimaiticks. I've got a lot left to do. One more attack on a place I decided to call "home" again. It was only a place. Most of the people had escaped. They were on the airship now. I gazed at Enigma as it destroyed the place I held close to my heart. I knew one day, one way....Egnima will must...

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        01-05-2006     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

I'm sorry it's so short....I've got writers block...I promise the next chapter will be bigger!

        01-05-2006     Mehrina Asif        

Whoa, when did a flirt find himself in your stories? And even more shocking, the flirt is a guy. Usually it's a girl. Anyway, your spelling and grammar was nothing new, and I think that this chapter could use some more, well, it needs to be longer, to put it bluntly. But what I applauded was how you named the enemy Enigma. I am sure you know that the word enigma means something mysterious. Hmmm... mysterious! Great write, I'm hunting for more!

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