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From this point on (raw)

by Paul Kangas (Age: 27)
copyright 01-25-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

People are always changing. Its only natural and sometimes its hard to believe who we all were years ago and how we've changed. Everyone is different and it is realizing and maturing that helps us grow and become the people that we are today. Mistakes help make us who we are and they help us remember where we come from. No one is perfect... I am far from perfect, but one thing remains to true, I Am Me.

I feel as if nobody
Understands me
My undefined pain
I look into the mirror
And I see that your words
Have cursed me
You've made me hate my life
Myself, Me
I know I have to live
Above that influence
But the pain seems to overtake it
Now... my world as I knew it as once
A beautiful circle is caving in...
The pregnant skies are caving in...
Underneath this smile my world is caving in...
Screaming, crying, quickly crippling
Into the shades of darkness
I find myself falling deeper and deeper
Into a black hole of pity
But don't feel sorrow toward me
For I am not worth it
But hey - without even knowing
I alone probably caused all of
This drowning pain
Now I find myself dreaming
Of what could be
But what I know
Could never be
So will someone please
Save me, for I can't
Seem to break free

Look at me
What I've become
This isn't me
This isn't the person
Who once loved themself
I should know better
I should know who I am
That I am above the influence
Above the drugs, above the alcohol
Above the hatred I have upon myself
Above the self-pity
I should know that I've made mistakes
But hey - they've made me who I am
And now I see the light
I love myself and accept myself
For who I am
From the bottom of my heart
And with all of myself
I shall live for me
For what I deserve to be, what I believe in
You can laugh at me, call me whatever you want
I don't care
I am me and I'm not changing for anyone
So here I am, as perfect as I'm ever gonna be
Open your eyes and love me for me
And for who I am

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