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Queen Nehelenia's Mirror

by Tabitha Beaudin (Age: 39)
copyright 01-26-2006

Age Rating: 13 +
Queen Nehelenia's Mirror
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Mirror Mirror hear my plea,
Appear before me, my whimsical friend.
Tell me such sweet lies, that beauty never dies.
That this feeling never leaves.
Tell me all this and more. Empty my soul.
Trap my love in a funnel of decaying dreams.

Mirror Mirror where are you?
Why have you departed me?
Here I am my darkest friend reaching out.
But where are you?
With shaky hands I hold the shreds
of our childhood memories.

So tell me, please I beg of you,
Am I still the image of beauty?
Do I still hold you entranced?
Or is this only an illusion before me?

Mirror Mirror why don't you answer me?
What could this mean?
Am I only your vessel the shattered glass
beneath your picture frame. Oh how could this be,
another more beautiful then me.

Then I will follow you into darkness
I will let you polute my mind.
This revenge I shall en-stow against your
beloved one, this Sailor Moon.
And with my poisoned love, I will destroy
all beauty. You my long lost friend,
my childhood muse, will shatter as all those before you.

So tell me Mirror, what will you do.
How will you stop me as I destroy
all the beautiful ones. Will you watch
in sadness or secret glee as the
sailor scouts die one by one.

And I am crowned once again the beautiful one.

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        09-04-2006     Tabitha Beaudin        

Hey all Just wanted to let you know that I won the best poetry fanfic contest at Anime Evolution 2006. Yipee.

        05-04-2006     Geoff Ewing        

Very well done!

I found 'en-stow against' interesting as being half way between bestow upon and enact against.

I love the way you have captured the bitter irony of Queen Nehelenia's knowing that the mirror tells 'such sweert lies' yet treating them as true with respect to the scouts so that it drives her revenge.

I know that I will be returning to reread your poems as they repay the effort.

Geoff Ewing

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