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Fun, Free and Loving It!!

by Alma Hulbert (Age: 24)
copyright 01-26-2006

Age Rating: 4 +

Things in life
are not all about strife.
There are things we like,
so don't go on strike.

Our lives are full of colors
unlike all the others.
There are things that we must take,
we take to make.

Fun is away from parents,
that stalk you like parrots.
Free is fun with friends,
it just never ends.
Cool is just having fun being free,
it's the way I like to be.
My light bulb just lit,
Having fun, being free, and lovin' it.

Things in life aren't that bad,
unless you live in wonder land.
You can be free from it all,
if you just take the fall.

Our lives are full of joy,
every time we see a toy.
It may sound corny to you,
but it is all so true.

Fun is away from parents,
that stalk you like parrots.
Free is fun with friends,
it just never ends.
Cool is just having fun being free,
it's the way I like to be.
My light bulb just lit,
having fun, being free, and lovin' it.

Life is all good..
Having fun, being free and lovin' it!

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        04-22-2008     Susan Brown        

My kids had many names for me over the years...many! The Warden-Goodie Two Shoes being two of my favorites-lol. I was reading this poem and just cracked up picturing myself, as a stalking parrot. True, I was rather bossy and I did put my hands on my hips and run around after them (a lot). They did thank me for all that years later, as all that lecturing I did...helped. Not then, but sometime later when I wasn't around to protect them (Mother Hen). Alma, You're fun to read.

Thanks! Susan

        02-15-2008     Jordan Screws        

Hooray for free spirits! I like the overall tone of this poem, a poem that exhorts the virtues of a free spirit and a fun-loving nature. In a world rife with death, disaster, and uncertainty, the value of a positive and upbeat spirit is increasing... I wish I could get one like you describe, but alas, I am 21 and already infected with some degree of a cynical world view. I admit that a good deal of my thinking is negative and focuses on reality, but I realize that sometimes it does not hurt to go on flights of fancy and look simply for the good in things.

Your poem reflects this tone with its word choice and overall feel. It is nice to see someone who still sees good in life and has a free spirit not yet bound by the chains of reality. I hope that you never lose that. The others before me have already expressed any meaningful criticism, so I will simply congratulate you on a good poem.

        03-02-2007     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

This is a surprisingly good poem! I didn't know what to expect for my first thought when I saw the title was (Thanks, Mehrina...) "using two explication points is improper grammar!" Although my grammar is nothing to preach about (Meh says I'm awful with the expect/accept and the then/than stuff) I still recognize basic capitalization/punctuation stuff. I can agree with this, especially the parents bit, and we all like to have fun. I also like the "My light bulb just lit" because it applies to almost all young people. Here's my grammar picks:

Well, double punctuation including "?!" never really bothered me much, but I pointed it out before so no need to yammer about it more...wait, I just did...
Also, you should capitalize each line.

I'm on a mission to read all your poems, then move on to your books! My goal by the end of this year is to have 2000 comments, so I might as well start with the works of my friends. :) Good work, keep writing!

Leigh of the Commenting Crusaders

        09-28-2006     Alma Hulbert        

This is Almas best friend Sally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG your poems R soooooooooo good.I am not saying it because your my BFF OK. You should write alot more!!!!!!!!!!!

        02-03-2006     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Life is best when you are enjoying it and can think of only the good. later life dishes you things that take there toll, so enjoy it when you can and love while it is there to be loved! Anthony

        01-31-2006     Roger Crique        

There is a very nice melodic theme to this. It also possesses very good imagery. The only part is the stalking parrot. I have a hard time seeing a parrot that stalks, but it is a lovely poem about freedom and having fun. I truly like it. Very nice write.

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