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Shadow Souls
Chapter 5

by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
copyright 01-29-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

The Shadowed World

We'd arrived in Morriteen around midnight, and I'd been asleep ever since we'd gotten to the inn. Keyword in this statement: had. The sad thing, is that I'm used to being poked in the ribs with the tip of a scabbard. That is what disturbers me.
I hadn't explored Morriteen any, but I'd seen the state of the town. It was large, but it was attacked by Shadow so often that repairers were being did to every house and store. It was disheveled and not a very clean looking town, but how can they worry about that kind of stuff with Shadow to worry about?
The scabbard poking me harder and harder each time, was pushing me further and further over to the edge. Till I finally was pushed off completely. I landed with a thud, which rudely jarred me from sleep. Painfully, might I add.
"Ouch!" I yelled out annoyed.
"Well, that's what you get for sleeping in so late." Lucidge said annoyed as always. Does she ever smile? I felt like I was just rammed by a line backer and landed hard too.
"Did you ever think being poked out of bed, just maybe.. hurts?" I asked annoyed.
"If you would wake up at a reasonable hour I wouldn't need to poke you out of bed." She said sternly.
"Someone's been Symbolically healed..." I muttered standing up. After the last few days I was still enough, without being poked out of bed every day.
She paused looking at me and shook he head. "I can't believe we're doing this..."
"Doing what?" I asked starching.
"You don't know?" She asked surprised.
"Know about what?"
"I though Kikeru would of told you... Well you're going to enter Shadow today."
I'm sure my face drained of color when she said that. Shadites were strong enough, but plowing right into a nest of them? That's suicide!
"W-what?" I managed to chock out from my shock.
"You heard me, you'll be entering Shadow today. The Blade will automatically open the door. All you need to do is get past the Shadows and find where the souls are being hidden. You'll be going in alone, since humans can't enter Shadow. And you can have breakfast before we go." She said leaving the room. I felt too sick to even think about eating, but after I pulled my leather boots on and attacked my scabbard to the belt I figured I might as well try to chock down some mystery-meat. I'd regret it later if I didn't. After picking at I-don't-know-what-it-came-from-mean I stood up to see if Lucidge was waiting for me. She was at the edge of the wooden walls that guarded Morriteen. Too bad, they don't work on Shadows too. Her face was blank and I couldn't help but wonder what was on her mind. Her father had just died after all, and I'd assume that even though they didn't get along, she must be sad. How couldn't she be? He was her only family. Even if they didn't get along.
When I reached where she was standing near the doors that exacted the wooden wall to Morriteen she said, "We'll being going through the forest. Kikeru is already waiting for us at the door." Lucidge said not meeting my eyes.
We were trudging through the forest in silence, and the only sound was that of our feet breaking fallen branches. It was still morning, about ten AM or so. Despite then shining sun, my mood was still darker tan I'd of guessed it could be. To be blunt the idea of going to Shadow really freaked me out. I could die in there. Too easily. All I have is my skills and this sword. But just how far can a sword get me?
The silence was really getting to me when Lucidge finally said, "Like I said earlier, when we reach the Door the Blade will automatically open it. You'll most likely be pulled in by The Winds Of Shadow as they are called. Once you're in you need to fight the Shadites that will be waiting for you and then try to find where the souls are being hidden. No one knows what Shadow looks like, so I can't help you there. Even though after you get back out, you'll be ready for next time." She didn't look at me as she said all of this. Only kept looking ahead and walking forward.
"How do you know there will even be a next time?" I asked darkly.
"There will be. You've got the Blade Of Light and Darkness. It chose you for a reason so that means that you've got the power to control it and use it to it's full power. You're a Blade Master." She turned around to face me and actually smiled. Not smirked, not scowled, smiled. If that didn't have me shocked enough what I saw next did.
We broke from the forest and I saw something I don't even want to describe. It was all sand, blood scattered over the desert like zone. There was nothing alive around this place. There was a huge crater, and in the center of it was a huge black double-door. It was over one-hundred feet tall and the darkness emanating from it was amazing. Kikeru stood in front of it a few feet away as we walked forward. The door seemed to lead nowhere, but I'm sure everyone on Camirit knew better. The first ten feet up the door were scattered in blood, much as the sand around it. The site gave the feeling of complete futility and pain. How many people had given their lives protecting their families in the very place? I heard Kikeru mutter softly, "So...this was where you were born..." I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed ti hear that.
"Zero, Shadow is divided into many arts. You can go charging through and go find and kill Dos Voo Danue. You need to seek out and destroy each and every Door To Shadow along with every Shadite in them. You must find the core of each divided section of Shadow; destroy it and free the imprisoned souls held within. Is that clear?" Kikeru asked the pain and sorrow gone from her voice.
I didn't replied but only step forward and draw my Blade. I hilt it straight and slowly the old black doors cracked open. Dark, visitable, wind was drawing me into the doors and all I could see in front of me was darkness.
When I landed and opened my eyes I recognized where I as immediately. Morriteen! Morriteen backwards that is... There were no people and everything was black. There was no light except what was imitating from my Blade. It was like a mirror... Could Shadow... Could Shadow be a reflection of our world? I didn't have time to ponder the though, since Shadows were coming out from everywhere. All of a sudden I was am bused from all sides. I was random ally slashing and I felt their claws ripping into my skin. They were cold, hard, and utterly unpleasant to feel ripping into my skin. I felt the blood spill out and I knew if I got too many injuries like that one I'd be dead in seconds.
I decided after a few minutes of random swinging that it would be wiser to take out a few at a time. Then it hit me. Slash Off! I summoned the power to my Blade time after time as I broke from the Shadows that had, kept my pinned in one location. I ran as fast as I could destroying anything that got in my way. I felt the wounds I'd gotten bleeding harder and as if it wasn't hard enough to see, my eye started started to blur. I speed ed on trying to ignore it.
I saw a faint light up ahead and I guessed it must be the core. The core of this sector of Shadow, that must hold the souls.

I stood looking at the Door to Shadow. It had began to glow back and seemed to gain massive powers. What could this mean? I hope...I hope he's still alive...

As I approached what I believed to be the core to this sector of Shadow I felt a rush of wind from behind me. There was a huge Shadow circling me. I couldn't keep my failing eyes on it's movements and when I though it was going to strike it didn't. When I though it was backing away it attacked. I couldn't win against a unseen boss. I tried striking it in a blind attack, but no such luck there. I tried to get a lock on it's movements, but I'd lost too much blood and my vision was slowly fading. I remembered what both Lucidge and Kikeru had told me. Maybe...just maybe if I destroy that sphere that frees the souls...
Instantly I held my sword high and brought it down on the glowing sphere a few feet away from me, with a running slash. It hardly cracked. I braced myself and tried to focus. I hopped it would work, since I still didn't know how to control it completely.
"Hell Slash!" I called out bringing my Blade down on the sphere started to glow red from the inside out and it exploded throwing me back. I saw Shadow start to dissolve around me and heard a voice say softly, "Hell Slash and Heaven Blast...they will come to you in time..."

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        02-02-2006     Mehrina Asif        

WAHH!!!! The SUSPENSE, THE INTOLERABLE SUSPENSE?????? WHY DID CLIFFHANGERS HAVE TO EXIST???? I swear, I hate cliffhangers worse than homework, and that's saying something! Ah well...

This was a GREAT chapter with a capital G! As well as a capital R, E, A, and T! *what does that spell? GREAT!* The action, and that glowing sphere! And the big thing: going into Shadow!!! It makes me want to run around the house 10 times, then sit down, read it again, then run around the house again. I'm soo jiittery!!!! I want to read more! MORE!!! Submit the 6th chapter within the month of February, or I will be very unhappy. And you don't want to see that!

*Grammar and spelling need work!*

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