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Calamity, Faith and Fear

by Roger Crique (Age: 61)
copyright 01-31-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

Through the lonely wintry trails they march
Eyes berated in conceit
Sled and dogs aim high above the clouds
“Mush, I say!” Calamity commands
Faith and Fear tread through the snow-covered cracks
Their paws grapple with the tempestuous ice storm

Golden-eyed Siberian Huskies they are
bearing down the trail of heavy winter
Pulling harder with every stride
“Mush, I say!” Calamity yells
“We have a whole town to hound!”

They tear past the snow-covered pine trees
shaking them empty of snow
Calamity's face is lit with fury
as she wrestles with the slippery reins
Faith and Fear frown in agony

Calamity angers them yet again
It is her bark they detest the most
It is her bite they dread to fear
“Mush, I say!” Her whip snaps above their ears
Faith and Fear struggle to keep their pace

And when they had reached the precipitous precipice
Faith and fear collapsed in pain
Calamity raises her voice
And wakes them up again

The town is asleep
when Calamity strikes
Buried are all who sleep
Dead are those who prayed
Faith and fear are yet no more
But Calamity still remains!

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        08-27-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

I can't quite figure out if the dogs are real or if they are metaphors, perhaps both (which is my guess).

I just found out you're back in writer's membership. Glad you are back with us.

This was a very action packed story with great imagery.



        08-25-2006     Walter Jones        

Like fingers tracing a face, a blind man finds the truth not in the words but in the message left. You are a great writer, but you already know that, thanks for sharing.. Walt

        02-14-2006     Emily Garwood        

very interesting poem very interesting a bit confusing for me but there's something about it i like i don't know if its the confusion in the poem i like or what but there is something i like about it alot lol keep it up.


        02-01-2006     David Pekrul        

This is interesting, to say the least. Again, at first glace, I see a story about sled-dogs, but the names Calamity, Faith and Fear suggest much more.
I have ridden on dog-sleds and it is quite an exprience. Unlike the picture set in this poem, the dogs actually love to pull and it really shows in their attitude. The musher I was with did not use a whip. He only had to whistle; they knew what he wanted them to do.

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