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The End

by Tiffany Forster (Age: 30)
copyright 02-15-2006

Age Rating: 13 +

This is what happens…
when the mind bleeds…
when a pen bleeds black ink
A story is written
a story is lived
about a far off land
close to here
Where dragons roam
and skyscrapers tower
and the valiant deeds
of a shining knight
a Wall Street business man
a king
where a witch is evil
where good is evil
And the only way to save
to rescue the princess…
the writer
is to continue reading
to continue writing
let the pen bleed
let the mind bleed
About that written story
about that lived story
in a far off land
in your backyard
in your childhood memories
about a business man
who slew the dragon
who conquered the skyscraper
and became a king
And the only way he could save
the only way to rescue
the trapped princess
the trapped writer
was to free the witch
free the good
and continue reading
just continue bleeding
and the let the mind write
So he did
the business man
the king
let his mind write
he read about a story
about a life
in a place near here
so far away
filled with skyscrapers
filled with dragons
and a princess
who held a bleeding pen
A bleeding heart
and wrote with the pen
The End

((Errm... see, most people study for midterms, I get distracted and write things...-nods- Yup! -twirls around in a big skirt- ^.^ -scatters confetti everywhere- Tell me what you think!))

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        03-15-2006     Tabitha Beaudin        

well i almost sorry i studied for mine and have been away for so long..that was awsome it had such vivid fluid language that just flowed nicely off of my tonugue when i read it...i liked how the pen bleeding was linked driectly with the writer..good job...

        03-13-2006     James Shammas        

A lot of rushing energy here. Well writen, this waterfall of a poem, that benefits from more careful, slower reading. I'm not sure the pace keeps up with the theme for me, but it is well crafted.


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