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Love's Ups and Downs

by Kevin (Buddy) Ales (Age: 27)
copyright 02-19-2006

Age Rating: 13 +

Love is a beautiful thing,
so happy feeling,
so nice and amazing!

Something everyone wants
but some don't receive it.
Those people throw rants
and cause us all s**t.

Those are the people,
the one's people don't like.
Then there are those unchangeables
whom are lifelike
and don't throw rants,

Then there are the others,
those who know love but still complain!
They are the sisters and brother
who'd rather have cocaine
much more than love!

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        03-26-2006     Jessica Peters        

This was a pretty good poem, and the flow started out good, but then it kind of fell apart near the end. Otherwise, great job^^.

        03-01-2006     Brittney N. Nasca        

Good write. It had a lack of flow though. Still it got the point across "They are the bothers
who'd rather have cocaine much more than love!" Honestly that made me chuckle, but it is true. Keep up the good work.


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