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Elegy To Mozart

by Richard Reed Jr
copyright 03-13-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

Oh Mozart won't you tell us where you are,
We know your life so very very well,
But now perhaps you twinkle in a star.
We found a skull but even he won't tell,
He can't reveal the place where you do dwell.
By three you were someone to reckon with,
Your star was on the rise and never fell,
You were to be a legend, forthwith,
But we can't find you so perhaps you are a myth.

Oh muse of music help me write this rhyme,
He was your greatest son here on this earth,
Even now his bell won't stop its chime.
Oh muse you know the value of his worth,
For you have also been his muse from birth,
Please help me place these words in graceful pose,
With much more dignity than his death-berth,
Make this like a song he would compose,
Oh Euterpe, help this piece so that it glows.

Oh Mozart how you were abused by him,
He dragged you all around from town to town,
He put you on display like some smart chimp,
And took your gold and turned you upside down,
You might as well have been a circus clown.
Your first, symphony you wrote at eight,
And starring brightly played before the crown,
Composing was your most amazing trait,
Songs and notes ran 'round your head without abate.

"Oh Mozart" Joseph said, "Too many notes",
But you showed him with Cosi Fan Tutte,
So many critics gave you raving quotes,
While you yourself played billiards every day,
And night time brought great operas, oh so gay.
We can't forget, all your sweet concertos,
We honor all your works with great array,
In all parts of the world your fame does grow,
If only we could travel back and let you know.

Your soul departed at age thirty five,
Much too young your death-bell it did toll,
We weep, we mourn, you hardly were alive,
The Gods too quick deprived us of your soul.
We sigh on bended knee, we feel not whole,
And what humility you had to face,
When they just dumped your body in a hole,
They denied you, a decent burial place,
We weep, mourn, and pray, and hope your in god's grace.

The mourners form a long chain to the past,
They're plodding ghosts who walk through history,
'Cause only ghosts know where Mozart's been cast,
For we who live its still a mystery,
But we mourn when we hear, "Don Giovanni".
The usual mourners pass by soldier's graves,
Or visit politicians by decree,
But Mozart's music everybody saves,
And come out each night for operas in waves.

It was not fair to treat this great man so,
Was justice done to steal his dignity?
He's in some grave, but which one we don't know,
Oh Mozart dear what is your legacy?
Your claim to fame throughout all history?
Twinkle twinkle all you stars so bright,
His music is his immortality,
'Cause no one could be that of Mozart's height,
Sweet Angels bear him on his everlasting flight.

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        03-19-2006     James Shammas        

This is a beuatiful and gentle tribute to a real genius who, I agree, must have been the agent of someting much bigger than even he (or us). I can tell you worked hard on it; though 1 or 2 rhymes were slightly awkward, it was an excellent piece-- a "minuet" that does justice to Mr. Mozart.


        03-13-2006     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Looks like I'm the first comment for once. ;) I like how you made this a story like poem, and it resembles prose more than poetry. I always though that comparison was ironic, pending on the site and all...This was an interesting piece, and something I don't think I would of come up with. I'm always glad to read a few new works, when you post them.
But we mourn when we hear "Don Giovanni".
Should be:
But we mourn when we hear, "Don Giovanni."
You need a comma there, and punctuation goes before the quotes.
Also, (I'm staring at the bottom and going up...)
Oh Mozart, Joseph said, "Too many notes,"
That's what it should be. Only a few typos, good work! Don't you just love all those annoying and complex common rules?

May the divine silence in the darkness be with you,

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