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I'm Not Involved

by David Pekrul
copyright 03-29-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

Yes, I was there, but not involved,
I never said a word,
When they were tortured for their Faith,
My life of ease, preferred.

I stayed inside my Comfort Zone,
And did not make a move,
I did not have a thing to say,
And not a thing to prove.

Religious leaders said, “They’re wrong,
And everyone must die,”
They asked me what I thought of it,
But I had no reply.

I didn’t want to state my view,
Although I had a choice,
I should have chosen right from wrong,
And spoke up with my voice.

But I just stood there very mute,
And didn’t say a thing,
When they were sentenced to their fate,
My conscience felt a sting.

And now I live with what I’ve done,
And when they come for me,
I will not have a thing to say,
Nor have a place to flee.

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        08-18-2008     Susan Brown        

A piece written covering the subject of (guilt) regret. Haven't we all been in that place of "no return" at least once! Most of us, many times. Interesting poem, felt the heartfelt wish of reliving the moment-if only we could- with a clearer answer.

        05-24-2006     Jessica Peters        

This is a great poem, I love how you can make the rythm work, plus use a wide vocabulary in your works. And yes, people sin and make mistakes, sometimes they're very big mistakes, and then people have to live with it, but if we ask forgiveness and give out troubles to the Lord then we can forget about them. Always look foeward, never look back when it comes to things like that, because if you've already asked forgiveness, then look back t what you've done and feel guilty, well, it's not good. But yeah, I must go, great job though I loved it as always,

        04-04-2006     Mike Macdonald        

This is a great example of the real evil in the world of prejudice; those who say and do nothing.

I really like this one, so the only thing I'd bring to your attention is the line "And spoke up with my voice." It might not be a bid deal, I just wonder if there's another way you could word this. It doesn't really derail the poem's rhythm, but hey, every little bit helps. Keep up the good work.

        03-30-2006     Daniel R Patton        

David, This takes me back to the very beginning and I have to wonder, just what it must have been like for the Lord's disciples? I can only imagine. You help bring the question to the reader in a profound way with this and force one to ask "What would I have done?" Yet, the question I FEAR is "When the time comes what will we do?" This is a great read. THANKS

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