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by Irina Guschina (Age: 62)
copyright 04-09-2006

Age Rating: 13 +


Just one lasting sigh
across all mountains and sea.
Sighing of our hearts...

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        09-25-2007     Shannon Walter        

This was a very good read. You did it perfectly, It did not need many lines to get the scence across. Job well done.


        04-23-2006     Tigran Israelyan        

Climbing following mountain,
We fields also contain;
Take care for us: Native Land mother:
Bless and give us your presents: Only God father.

        04-19-2006     Walter Jones        

Some poets touch hearts, you find a way to lift the mind and soul as one, so special you are. White roses cover my eyes seeing... Walt

        04-19-2006     Emily Garwood        

Your Back i haven't seen you around in AGES!!! Well i have been away alot too so it could be that :S ANYWAYS i like your poem it's true it says alot in such through words and the number of syllables seems fine to me!!! great JOB SEE YOU AROUND!

        04-16-2006     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Echoes throughout time
Heard when list'ning to me breathe
Escape in a sigh

(Sigh)... I love your works... and so oft' they inspire me to such an extent... I can't stop thinking the thoughts your poetry instilled until I write one of my own. Thank you for sharing your talent, thank you for being my muse on more than one occasion. You are very appreciated here at PnP!

        04-14-2006     David Pekrul        

This is a great Haiku. I really like this style of poem. I'm not sure if you have edited this since Deone's comment, but I see 5,7,5 and that's just the way it should be.

        04-12-2006     Deone Wiley        

Nice thought. Haiku require syllables of 5,7,5. Your poem has 5,7,4. You might tweak it to see if you can add the one syllable.

        04-10-2006     Daniel R Patton        

This says so much, in so few words, it speaks volumes. Heart's crying out for all eternity and echo's being carried forevermore. I LOVE THIS PIECE, GREAT JOB, DANIEL

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