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Come Find Me Again

by Euna Park (Age: 24)
copyright 04-14-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

I thought I knew You.
I thought I understood who You were.
Now I realize
that what I thought I knew...

Now I feel so far
and I feel so alone in the darkness
but the all-powerful love
will always be there.

You will always reach out to touch me
You will always reach for my heart
You will always be there when I need you
even if I didn't ask.

Please, come
Come find me again.
I want to be able to know You
but I can't see You.

I search and try to find
for You have said
"Seek, and ye shall find"
and so I will search until I do find.

I knock at the door
for You have said
"Knock and the door shall be opened unto you"
so I will knock until the door is opened.

When I find You
and when the door is opened
I will have found You
and I will never loose You again.

I miss You
so please, as I grope blindly around
reach through this darkness
and come find me again.

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        04-18-2006     Judy Meeker        

I suppose this is a good write coming from one so very young. You will improve with time as all things do.
May God bless and keep you.
Mrs. Tigran Israelyan

        04-18-2006     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Ahhh, as Jennifer said, this is a very strong and meaningful poem. You made it relate to a larger crowd, by not saying that it's a friend, loved one, or lover that is being reached for. You did a very good job with this, and it reminds me of many poems and stories that I've written. You've improved greatly, I can really tell since I've read all of your poems now. I singed out and read the one that was over my age rating. :) That was also a very good one, and I can see why you put it up to 13+. For the twelve year olds that are sheltered from the world, it's better not to be exposed to that... For we that are, we sing out and read. This was a very good poem, and aside from the fix-ups that you could do on the grammar, it's an all-around winner. Good work, and keep writing!

May the divine darkness be with you,
Leigh of the Commenting Crusaders

        04-14-2006     Jennifer Campbell-Kletzli        

This is indeed a very strong poem. Your poem has some very deep words in it. Great read!

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