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by Tigran Israelyan (Age: 51)
copyright 04-16-2006

Age Rating: 18 +

Salute, universal International National archangel,
For duration of this community sing my muse, my white angel;
As a laureate poet international national:
Let’s me describe a starry passing fictional.

Ancient nations always keeping saint writing manuscripts,
The life was great job, not like nowadays life – business, movie and clips;
Ancient nations always keeping saint Saint creation:
“Our Father in heaven, not lead us into temptation”.

This starry way is turning up, as universe is turning calm,
And will rise again a new poet, who will create Biblical new psalms;
He will speak with new dialect – golden, new, free and clear:
“You will speak with such dialect, that is to God also dear”.

Getting distorted fiery instant, becoming light,
Becoming Atlantic womanunlightedted, white and bright;
I’m becoming stone in ton of transformations:
And creating science “The Spirits Soul creation”.

I’m created dreams clandestine, not having another choice,
Who is speaking me word of soul, I’m hearing a sweet voice;
“You need to travel from Atlanta and till New York,
Let’s blessed you and your wife, and already done your great job, great work”.

I’m hearing universal, unison, symphonic melody,
7 colors of rainbow are 64 visionssional;
And ardency horse of chess announcing check eternal:
And overflowing, bursting again my speech spiritual.

© Copyright Tigran Israelyan

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        05-02-2006     Regina Pate        

I feel like I have read this a hundred times before and everytime I read I want to read more, and when the poem comes to an end, I always want to say amen, so all of God's people said, Amen, and Amen, Great write, good job, thanks,

Regina Pate

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