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Firebird 4. 1.

by Tigran Israelyan (Age: 51)
copyright 04-17-2006

Age Rating: 18 +
Firebird 4. 1.

In pure ether
Peaceful speeded
An enlightened voice:
“Greetings, salutes to the souls International National,
In the worldwide newest literature of New Age,
Gathering in Community, you’re opening new page:
To the brave spirits International National – Salutes, greetings”.
It’s a fiery Firebird.
From the supernatural voice of firebird
In the ruins appeared
An ardency, fiery rose
And asked to the firebird:
“Salute firebird, fiery firebird,
As peaceful ocean where are you from coming,
Who send you, who are you – heavenly angel,
Why you created my ardency soul?”.

Firebird give to rose such a peace:
And storm in emptiness…

And storming emptiness,
And creating starry instant;
Rest, peace conquered me and making think to became saint:
But I am becoming owner in the life and spiritual owner of rest and peace.

Stella, O Stella! Your name means star, give me more stars,
I love you and Light, I love you and Light;
I am already became poet bright, I am already famous and bright;
And I will say, that your kiss better, then breasts of hundreds, that the horse better, then hundred cars.

I am soaring and flying peaceful
Carrying my cross proudly to glory,
I am apostle of future history;
I will never write about kings and fools.

I am a melody of Great Silence,
I am redden book and manuscript of rainbow;
I am a Francis and Robin Goodfellow:
I lost and find my dreams and visions in Crete Island.”

© Copyright Tigran Israelyan

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