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The 'Rep'

by Jessica Peters (Age: 24)
copyright 04-21-2006

Age Rating: 4 +

We get a bad rep
For not doing anything
We try to be nice
But get blamed for everything

They think we're all bad
And don't give us a chance
Yet they say 'we're the new generation
We need room to enhance'

We make one mistake
And we're out the door
We mess up just once
And we're through the floor

So give us a try
And we'll show you wrong
Because if it weren't for this rep
We'd all get along

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        05-18-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

Hi Jessica,

I liked your poem very much. I thought it was very good. There were so many good ones it was hard not to pick anyone.

Thanks for entering my contest, and please enter again. I'm awarding you 50 pts for your good work.


        05-01-2006     Alma Hulbert        

This is so true. We always get blamed for stuff. Really good. Keep it up.
Alma H.

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