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The life and times of Sailor Pluto

by Alma Hulbert (Age: 24)
copyright 05-09-2006

Age Rating: 7 +
The life and times of Sailor Pluto

*I noticed that not a lot of people do stories and stuff about the outer scouts but a few here do have stuff. I am into mythology and the planets. If you know about mythology, it comes from the Romans and the Greeks. I will mix the two. The Romans say the planets names and the Greeks say the regular name. I will mix the two like I said. Hope you like it.*

People say that my father is Pluto. Others say that he is Hades. When I grew up on Pluto, he was addressed as Pluto. Now on Earth, they call him Hades. Damn Greeks. I should sue. The Romans were the ones that got the names right. Sorry about that. My name is Setsuna. Others call me Trista. I don't care which one they call me. I always know what my name is. Other than the Greeks...
My father's name is Pluto. He is the lord of the underworld. He and his brothers, Jupiter and Neptune, tried to overthrow their father, Saturn. When they did, they all got their own place in the world to rule. My father choose the underworld because he didn't really like people. My uncle, Jupiter, came to be known as Zeus. He choose to rule the sky and earth. With him ruling the earth, he became the most powerful god. My other uncle, Neptune, choose the seas. He became known as Poseidon. He had a few kids of his own. So did Jupiter. Neptune had a few sons. They were butt-ugly. They were the cyclops that Ulysses soon pokes in the eye. There were a few others. They were just so ugly, I didn't want to see them. After a while, he had a girl. Since she was a girl, they didn't show her off all over the place like they did with the boys. She was beautiful. You should have seen her when she grew up. Men from all over came to ask for her hand in marriage. She turned them all down.
Jupiter(Zeus) had kids too. Venus, or Aphrodite, was one. Another was a girl named Lita. She was just like Athena, another daughter. Man, they were busy back then. He had another one but with another woman. Her name was Demeter. The daughter's name was Persephone. He had a few more but I never got to meet them because he was off being god of all gods. He was boring anyway. Every time I got in trouble, he would zap me with a lightning bolt. OW! It always hurt. My brother almost died from all the times he's been hit. I would just look into the sky and say "Thanks Uncle J." He would make the wind blow for about 5 minutes to try and blow me down. I usually said that in a sarcastic way.
One day, Demeter's daughter was picking flowers or making them grow because she was mother earth. Well, my father really liked her and took her down to, how can I word this, Hell? She stayed there and got hungry. She ate a fruit with 6 seeds. If you eat food from the underworld you have to stay down there for the number of months that you ate. So she stayed down there for 6 months and went to be with her mother when it was over. Then after 6 months, she got dragged down to the underworld. This cycle still happens today. It's called winter. When she comes back, it's summer. Okay.
I am the daughter of Pluto and Persephone. The sick thing is that Persephone was Jupiter's(Zeus) daughter and Pluto was Jupiter's brother. Pluto and Persephone get married and had my brother. Then me. If you think about it, my father got his niece pregnant and got married to his niece. They are blood related! EW. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.
Now I live on Earth. I travel through time to help fix things that happened in the past to make the present right or, I go into the future and make sure something bad doesn't happen. The cool thing is that only I can go through time. My brother can't but, he's learning because my father, Pluto, thinks a girl shouldn't do what a boy should do. I like it here. The only thing I don't like are the Greeks. Even now a days, they say "Hades" or "Zeus" or "Poseidon". I hate it. When I look through the books in the library, I have to flip through the pages so I get to the true names. I wonder how they got the names. I think they looked at a book that was in the back of the library and flipped through the pages. No ofense for the Greeks living today.
I hardly remember my past, but the only way I know is by the time travailing. I feel like Catty. She's just some character from this one series of books. Nothing important. I love the series though. Back to my past. There are a lot of things that happened in my past. One was the trip of Ulysses. He went through some hard times. One thing that happened on his journey was the Cyclops's cave. Neptune's son's "crib". Sorry. *cough* Anyway, he pissed off my uncle Neptune and he gave Ulysses a harder trip.
Another thing that happened was that a messenger was born. He was Jupiter's(Zeus) and Maia, daughter of the Titan Atlas. In Greek mythology, he is called Hermes. His Roman name is Mercury. He had a daughter. A very smart one. She learned how play the piano at age 2. That's smart. Her name was Ami.
Another thing happened. Neptune had his own little festival. He was worshiped at a time when the water got low. His little festival was called, get this, Neptunalia. The Romans came up with this.
There are a few more things that happened but my mind is wondering. So you know something about me. Talk to again sometime.

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        01-19-2008     Jordan Screws        

Greetings Alma. We meet once again. I have come to comment on this interesting piece on one of my favorite Senshi, Sailor Pluto. The approach you took with this work is unexpected but not unwelcome... in fact, I like it. The others beat me to the punch on a good deal of things, but I will try anyway.

I like the tone and humor you gave Setsuna. Normally she is an enigmatic figure of few words, but you made her into a commentator with insights and amusing remarks concerning the other gods and their children. Like Eric, I also like how you linked Greek and Roman mythology to the Sailor Moon universe, which is turn derived from those same mythologies. I like the overall presentation and style of the work. Since Eric and the others beat me to criticism, I have almost run out of meaningful remarks to make.

Good work, and I hope you will do another piece like this. If you do, I will certainly read it!

        08-13-2007     Eric Gasparich        

I'm a fan of the Outer Planet Senshi, as well. For one thing, they are less well-defined than the Inner Planet Senshi, so there is room to rumble in telling a story about them. I am always interested to see what others think and say and write about them.

I personally like the Nordic Mythology better than any others: the gods are going to die, but I am on the side of the gods. One of the nobler, if pagan, sentiments ever uttered.

A few comments:

People writing Outer Senshi stories and Silver Millennium era stories usually have recourse to the mythologies, especially when trying to add other characters, but really I've always been of the impression that Sailor Moon uses the mythologies only to define the powers, nature and characteristics of the Senshi, and otherwise kind of winks at the whole thing. Except for the mention of Chronus (as opposed to Cronos / Saturn), no other mythological character is really invoked.

In the case of Sailor Moon, other, oriental mythologies are also in play, even though Takeuchi used the Roman names for her characters. Indeed, Sailor Moon is a hodge podge of mythological syncretism. You should bear those other mythologies in mind as well. It's great that you're going to the source materials and all, but a lot of it doesn't really square with the Sailor Moon universe.

I mean, if she was strictly going with the Roman mythology, Sailor Jupiter would be the big dog of the group, eh? For another, (as I'm sure you noticed) Sailor Pluto's old friends, Neptune and Uranus, are women in the Sailor Moon universe. Also, Chibiusa (Rini, in the dub) heavily implies that Chronus is Sailor Pluto's father when she uses the Time Key to go back to the Thirtieth Century. I don't know much about the dubs (which I didn't like at all) so I don't know how they did that scene in English.

Also, where Setsuna / Sailor Pluto is concerned, she doesn't really fix things. She guards the Gate of Time to make sure no one else "fixes things", that is, that no one disturbs the Time Stream. It's her duty NOT to meddle. In the anime, the one time she did meddle, she died. Ditto, for the Manga (Japanese comic book), except it happened during the Black Moon Saga.

But it's interesting how you've tried connect Sailor Moon to its mythological roots. In fact, I would say Sailor Moon is an attempt to cull a new mythology out of all the others. You might want to try and get the Mangas next and take a look at them. Your prose is just fine for the most part. There are little things to fix, but you're already aware of that, I see.

I enjoyed taking a look at this, and I hope you'll take my nitpicking in the spirit intended. You might find you'll have more raw story material to work with, if you check out the other mythologies as well.

        07-17-2006     Mehrina Asif        

I personally like the Greek mythologies better, but I have to admit, this was cute! Oh, and Persephone actually ate 7 seeds. And Persephone's Latin name is Proserpina. ^-^ I'm a great fan of mythology too! Have you ever read the Romanian mytholgies? Now, those are really cool! Great story!

        06-25-2006     Alma Hulbert        

Whenever I write something that is about real things, I try to do as much research as I can. The stuff I found for this story was only in two websites. Well, talk to who reads this story soon, later.
~Alma H.

        06-24-2006     Jessica Lin        

I like the fact that most of this is based on facts :)

        06-12-2006     Brenna Swab        

This was really funny and you are great at this!Better than I am but I really loved the whole thing!Please add on more!

        05-14-2006     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Good work! I really enjoyed reading this! "*pats on heads* Next time, e-mail me when you post something new. ;) This was a really good piece! I like the mixes of mythology and all that sort. I've always been interested in that sort of thing, so I was familiar with all the references. I really laughed at that part with the, "Thanks Uncle J." You've got a few grammar and spelling flaws, but they're small. I wish the story was a bit longer though. :) I liked the picture you added, and every so-so I read a fan fiction that I really like, I'll be sure to add this to my list! A few flaws that need fixing, but, this was a really great mix of mythologies! Great work, keep writing!

Leigh of the Commenting Crusaders!

        05-10-2006     Alma Hulbert        

I have to comment on my own work. I can say that it was great but there were a few spelling and grammar mistakes. I had a lot of detail and does need help on punctuation. Other than that, it was great, Alma! Sorry, multiple personalities. It just happens at home though. Well talk to all that read later.
~Alma H.~
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