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Why It's Such A Beautiful Day

by Regina Pate (Age: 38)
copyright 05-15-2006

Age Rating: 1 +

Sometimes I can't find the beauty in anything you see
Sometimes it's hard to believe that I have been freed
From my prison, that I made, not long ago, in the wood
From my fear, I took root, right there, where I stood

When I was a little girl, I set off on my adventure
What I would find, I couldn't be sure
Who I became, you can see her today
Why I did it, to have something to say

I read about magic in far away places
And I saw myself in so many faces
Little Red Riding Hood, and the Big Bad Wolf
I thought they were real, and I wanted to look

I never talked I just listened to the story
Hoping to find my road to glory
But those weren't the woods of my grandparents tales
I took wrong turns and made my own trails

Hoping to find my story to write
My great plan that God had for my life
But it took too long
And I got lost
Then I got scared
My freedom it cost

Your tired of driving? I heard someone say, you see
Really? You want to go home, you don't want to roam
Well then, you should have been a tree!

Remember the woods would not be the woods
If it weren't for those stupid trees
And I got scared
Real scared

Okay I see
I am a tree
I said
Wait what happened
Am I dead

My fear took root
And I was home
I no longer had
the power to roam

But then something happened
I couldn't explain
The answer became clear to me
That's when everything changed

My fear was great but that's when I saw
Through my fear, I could have it all
Turn your fear into faith girl,
The way that you can
Fear the Lord first,
Remember? Here take my hand

I look up and I saw, a magic wand
And out of the sky, a great big pond
Turn my fear into faith, I thought to myself
Do it like I can, like nobody else

Write your story
Tell them, tell everyone
How did you get here
Why aren't you done

Okay, think, Gina, think,
please, pay attention
remember what happened
right before, you imprisoned

What did you do, what did you say
I said I was tired and I want to go home
And then what happened little girl?
And I began to cry
Time to wipe your tears away,
Remember, what do you say?

I said please

But nothing happened
and I got mad
And I wasn't scared anymore
I started to yell

I asked for a home
and you tricked me
I can never roam,
I am a tree

Well, I don't want to be a tree
I want to be free
So release my fears
and let me be!

Fast forward,
past the boring stuff,

Here I am again today
Remembering why
It's such a beautiful day

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        05-30-2006     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

This is a slice of life. The many things we go through and the trials we must face! Good write and Thanks, Anthony

        05-22-2006     Kimberly Murphy        

Beautiful job! Excellent write! Take care.


        05-17-2006     James Shammas        

You did a wonderful job with this- the way you were able to struggle and then express the power within, which can either succumb to fear or have faith in oneself. Good job!


        05-16-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

Al I can say is Wow, amazing, wonderful, great, and so on. Sometimes your free and sometimes you're not. Are you free now? It's a great mysterious auto-biography. Again in the style that only you can do.

Bravo my friend.
All the Best,


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