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She desires speed

by Anthony Donnaville
copyright 05-25-2006

Age Rating: 18 +
She desires speed

Motorcycles and fast cars gives her pleasure,
Freedom is what she feels,
Letting go on the road,
Her sorrows left behind,
She desires speed,
When things get to rough,
Desperately needs a break,
She rides in the sunset,
Her troubles left behind,
She desires speed,
When she is heart broken,
She hops on and flees,
Rides all day,
Letting her problems pass her by,
Laughing and screaming,
Wanting to go faster,
She desires speed,
Hearing a motor run,
Purring like a kitten,
Makes her warm and her eyes shine,
Her smile says let us go for a ride,
She desires speed,
And when the week is long,
With trials that make her weak,
She gets in and leaves everything behind,
Fast cars,
Are her get away,
Motorcycles are her Fancy,
Trucks steals her heart,
She desires speed,
She wants no money,
Or fancy things,
She wants no shiny things,
No dresses,
Lets her worries go,
All she wants is fast cars and motorcycles,
Maybe a truck or two,
After the week is over,
She wants to ride,
Fast down the road,
Leaving everything behind,
Nothing on her mind except,

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