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Chocolate Drums and Heaven's Hand

by Jessica Peters (Age: 24)
copyright 05-27-2006

Age Rating: 4 +

I like chocolate drums and heaven's hand
The drums because I'm in a band
Heaven's hand is my unique symbol
That love and care can never crimble

I need my passion of this art
That I love with all my heart
Desire, it calls for me to draw
It often leaves me standing in awe

And when I'm down I dry my eyes
I just go hang with all the guys
That are my friends and pals and such
And I need them just so much

Lay in the grass on the other side
That's always greener in my mind
Stay for hours and dance around
Gives me hope everything's forward-bound

As time goes by we learn to grow
And put the arrow in the bow
Our faith gets strong enough to live
And share and help and graciously give

We all live our very own lives
And on the scale we are all fives
'Cause we're all perfect in our very own way
That we will learn to see one day

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        01-22-2009     Susan Brown        

This poem is very upbeat. Enjoyed the pace in which I was reading. "Share and help and graciously give" kept the momentum going nicely. Interesting title. Chocolate and heaven fit very well together.

        06-21-2006     David Pekrul        

Hey, Hey, what can I say?
You're just getting better everyday,
You write in rhythm and talk in style,
You started real slow, now you're running a mile.

This poem is one of your best, and they just keep on getting better.

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