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Someone Who Truly Cares

by Haley Robinson (Age: 23)
copyright 06-11-2006

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Someone who truly cares…

Wouldn’t save you a seat at lunch,
They’d move to sit with you if there were no seats left.

Someone who truly cares…

Wouldn’t say you’re good at math when you weren’t,
They’d offer to help you with it after school.

Someone who truly cares…

Wouldn’t wait for you at the bus stop when you’re late,
They’d run up to your house to see if everything was alright.

Someone who truly cares…

Wouldn’t visit you after detention,
They’d find an excuse to be in there with you.

Someone who truly cares…

Wouldn’t cry if you left them,
They’d die if you left them.

Someone who truly cares…

Wouldn’t call you pretty,
They’d call you beautiful.

Someone who truly cares does exist,

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        07-11-2006     Brittney N. Nasca        

Very nice. I love the concept this poem has. Althoug the repeating of "Someone who truly cares" does get a bit old it also helps the flow this poem has. Good work.

        06-11-2006     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Very nice Haley-chan! Want to know something interesting? When you told me in chat to read this, I was just offering to help Mehrina with her homework. This was a very meaningful poem, and you make some great comparisons here. What most would call a friend, and what a friend truly is. I know that I can be selfish, but I'm always trying to be the best person I can be, and if I can help my friends out, I always want to try. If I could do all of these things for my friends, I know I would. I all tied up with my parents though, they're too overprotective. I do what I can, and always will do my very best, 199%.
No spelling or grammar errors to be found, the flow was great, and the topic was greater. Another five star poem! When I start my contest, 199% you'll have a hard time picking what you'll enter, huh? Another wonderful piece, you're on a roll! Great work, keep writing!!!

Leigh returning to the Commenting Crusaders

P.S. I'll e-mail Jordan about Sir Uhh now. :)

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