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Riding the Amtrak

by Wayne Thomas (Age: 67)
copyright 06-21-2006

Age Rating: 13 +

Just another passenger
tucked onto the train
staring out the dirty window
at the rain

From here it looks like Denver
but to me they're all the same
nighttime city staring
through the rain

Gazing at my magazine
reading to the clicking of the rails
across the mountains to the waters off Vancouver
on a bright blue schooner fighting with the sails
but looking up it's really still the same
riding on the Amtrak in the rain

Head against my pillow
steel wheels rubbing against my brain
through the seat and still six hours till morning
listening to the people and the rain

Uniformed lady helps me to the diner
If I recall it isn't quite the same
but somewhere maybe halfway through the salad
I fall asleep to the rhythm and the rain.

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        12-20-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

I was totally captivated by the haunting ambiance of this poem - at least to me.

I also felt myself riding there with the narrator.

Well chosen words and phrases smooth and rhythmical read.

Good Job!

Happy Holidays!


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