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Anything for Baby...

by Amelia Zada (Age: 25)
copyright 07-11-2006

Age Rating: 13 +

~crash~ I knew it was starting, ~bang~ It always started like this. ~boom~ It never really went away now that I thought about it. ~screams~ Ah there start the screams, only a short while before they turn to sobs. ~crash~ I only wish Logan wasn't awake, I couldn't bare it when he heard these things. I sighed knowing my actions to keep my younger brother ignorant to these occasional disagreements my parents had was nothing but false hope. ~sobs~ Ah there go the sobs, I knew IT was coming soon. IT a word that meant enough to be completely spelled in capitals though it were only two letters. IT was what my brother and I had learned to be the one thing that could kill our very souls and cast us into deep despair with no one to comfort us. IT was always an event that leaned so closely on ending our relationship as a family. To know that our family's unity teetered on an invisible line that separated the safe ground from the agonizing fall below. ~curses~ The loud vile words that were exchanged in loud screams of anger and hatred.
I turned to my younger brother and set him in my lap holding him as I covered his ears and had him look directly in to my eyes. I was only eight at the time, making my brother the tender age of six. He was slowly starting to come out of his shell and be the more lively and carefree boy I knew him to be. But then this had to happen. Again. Sure it happened a lot. But it always stopped when it came to IT. The door to my room flung open and IT began. My mom stepped in, mascara marks running down her cheeks like black tears, her hair a mess, her clothe rumpled. A sight that made me want to burst in tears. She knelt in front of the bed looking at my brother and I in a way so tender it made me want to cry with joy. But I was always a smart little girl, I knew better. "Amelia, Logan, Sweeties you know I love you right?" She asked and it was then that hell broke loose. I nodded as did my brother, for we both knew that if we tried to talk we would end up sobbing. I had to be strong for my brother, I had to he depended on me! I was HIS big sister and he was MY baby brother! MINE. All mine. And I would do anything for him. "Amelia I know this is hard on you, it's hard on all of us but baby, you need to choose." She whispered and the tears started to flow down my cheeks. She kissed Logan's forehead and she quickly left.
I knew that Dad would come next and IT would soon be over like it was so many times before. Dad entered gruffly and it cared me to see tears in his eyes. This was my father. My Daddy. My Papa. My strong dad who would do anything to make us happy, my father who I knew would always protect me. And here he was, CRYING. He looked at us tears rolling down our cheeks, his own never stopped flooding as he turned to me, I was the decision maker for my brother, who was too young to understand, but not young enough to not be affected. "Amelia, Baby, I need to know do you want to go with Daddy? Or do you want to stay with Mommy? I need you to choose baby." He pleaded with me and I couldn't help but start to sob.
No... NO! I had to stay strong! I had to! I NEED TO EB THE STRONG ONE WHEN MY BROTHER COULDN'T! "B-but, d-dad-dy," ~sob~ "I-i w-w-want t-to stay with m-mommy a-and d-dad-dy! I don't w-want you guys t-to split u-up!" I couldn't help it my walls crumbled a I held on to Logan tightly tears dropping onto his sad and confused face. "I See." My dad said sadly back and he left the room. I remember passing out with Logan still in my arms, the event that had occurred was too much for em to take at that moment. When I woke up Daddy was gone and Mommy was sad. After a few weeks daddy came back and we became a family again like we always were, and I learned a new baby was on the way. And everything went back to the way it was. But I knew. I always knew, that it never truly went away, I knew that IT would happened again, it was only a few amount of years before it did. But I would be stronger. I would Have to be! I would protect Logan and my new sibling. It was my job. Because I would do ANYTHING for baby...

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