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My Thoughts
Accidental Perfection

by Euna Park (Age: 24)
copyright 07-19-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

So many scenes of accidental perfection are around us, but we fail to look at them as such. What we see is another house, another building, another road, flower, tree, cloud... etc. Here is an example of accidental perfection that you might have seen before.

A magnificent tree thrusts it's crown of leaves proudly, branches spearing the cloudless sky. The leaves are wonderfully green, bursting with life. Whithered and worn is the knotted old trunk, yet it still stands strongly, and the roots are knarled and firm. It is set in a patch of glowing, green grass where a robin, in the picture of innocence, roams about looking for it's unfortunate meal. Another bird of brown, yet speckled white, sings its sweet song for the world to hear while dantily perching on the highest branch of the tree. A constant wind makes the leaves whisper and sigh amongst themselves as the breeze carries gossip from afar. To think you saw this as you were driving on the road one day and happened to look into a yard.

Another example...

Bricks glow a light maroon, and the white columns stand forever carrying their burden. Talk fills the rooms inside as sunlight glares off the windows and a bell rings. Students begin to pour out of the door, among the tree-lined walk as they gossip about social affairs, compare homework assignments, and say their goodbyes. The pavement is reassuringly solid underneath, and the sunlight shines brightly. Birds call to one another, struggling to make themselves heard above the din. Flowers bloom brightly around the carefully arranged garden in all different colors of the rainbow. To think you saw this perfect scene while walking your dog one random afternoon.

There are thousands others that people ignore, and the perfection has gone to waste because one less person appreciates it. They are everywhere you look... in your own study, the exterior of where you live, a little flower growing in the grass, the clouds in the sky, the color of the sky itself... the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on forever. Try seeing them sometime.

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        05-23-2013     Ghana (gina) A.        

Wow, that is unbelievable!! The way you told it it was just like you were writing a fantasy story. This can only be a work of someone who is so much imaginative. Turning reality to imagination and making the people realize the beauty around them and the wonders is not an easy work. Fabulous work.
Keep it up Euna Park!
Ghana :)

        02-27-2007     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Ummm, is that comment bigger than the work itself...? Oh well, hope you like big-@$$ comments like this! :D

Your friend,
Leigh of the CC

        02-27-2007     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

I don't know if I agree to this entirely, because your second example isn't as good as the first. The first, is an example of "perfection" but the second isn't as good. Why? because when anything is related to people, perfection isn't there. There are always flaws in people, somebody who comes running out a school miserable, and that sort. While nature is perfect, people aren't. Everybody has good things about them, don't get me wrong, it's all pending on whether that person chooses to exploit those good things or only let bad things show. There are a lot of good people, but nobody is perfect. It's a good comparison, but as I said, I can't entirely agree.

To the moral of this piece, how wonderful things are overlooked, that I can agree with wholeheartedly! Gardens, good deeds being done, those things are "perfect" when a imperfect person does something good, than the act could be classified as "perfect". Back on topic, things in nature that are overlooked and abused by population are some of the most wonderful things in this world. Now if more people could agree with this, maybe there wouldn't be a war in Iraq, energy crisis, or a decaying ozone layer. The war I can go on for hours about along with the energy crisis, but I'll stick to the most direct desecration of nature I listed: the ozone layer.

Cars, are the biggest producer of carbon monoxide on this planet. Since too many people use them, it's beside impossible to stop cars. But, to make cars more environmentally friendly hybrid technology needs to be mastered before this world is out of gas, oil, and coal. Boat traffic should be controlled a little more, as should SUVs. These big SUVs and other gas gussying cars should be banned from the streets! I know everybody would hate it, and a law like this would never pass, but people who do a lot of traveling or have large families should be the only ones to be issued large cars like this, otherwise, fossil fuels will be gone in the next twenty-years. Also, aerosol cans (sorry if I'm spelling it wrong, but you know what I mean, Lysol cans and that sort) should also be banned, since sure it's not ass efficient but spray bottles are a lot more practical since they don't mess up the ozone layer like aerosol cans do.

What global warming will do to this planet? Presuming ozone and oxygen doesn't run out first, the ice on the poles will melt, making all the oceans cooler, and it was calculated if such a thing continued a second ice age could accrue. Even if they did stop it before the only side-effect was some dead fish and higher water levels, there would still be huge problems. Also, another impact on the fish isn't what this world needs. Lobsters, crabs, and all the expensive fish and shellfish have been over fished so they should be put on the endangered species list for twenty years and people should stop fishing them. Now, since my father is a fisherman and I know there's thousands of families that depend on those shellfish, and thousands of other kinds of fish as my family does, I'd work at the local Wal-Mart if that's what I had to do just not to live off tourism. All the greedy people in this world are depleting the supply of fish, not to even mention all the other types of animals and dumping toxic wastes into water supplies...I'm not going to even get started on the Nile river. It's the longest, and most soiled river in the world. Anyway, I'll end this comment here now that I got extremely point with all this rambling is, if more people respected and cared about the perfection of nature this world would be a lot better and would last a lot longer.

Great work, keep writing.

Your friend,
Leigh of the Commenting Crusaders

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