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Exquisite Distraction

by Tammy Cote (Age: 42)
copyright 08-04-2006

Age Rating: 18 +

You have penetrated my mind; though not an intruder to my thoughts.

I have kept you within arms reach; though touching your soul has left me with burning desire.

I glance into your eyes and find the truth I am so eager to deny.

Enriched by a heart bound by no strings-

or so I thought.

All reservations of a promising heart are merely walls of delusions.

The resistance of my mind has surrendered to the perseverance of my heart.

The few, but solid barriers I have guarded myself with have been compromised a little each time our eyes meet.

Welcome to my fortress of recovered faith.

Occupancy is two...Me and You.

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        01-17-2014     snicky        

what brought me to check this poem out was the title, it sounds like something I myself would come up with heh cx I'm glad I did find this as I thuroughly enjoyed the read- thank you ^.^

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