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Your Masterpiece

by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball (Age: 47)
copyright 08-09-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

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Window pane, sturdy and ever present
Framing my gaze into the unknown
The window to my soul stares blankly
Reliving unkept promises unshown

Sunrise, sunset... casting changing shadows
Painting the mask through which I stare
Wondering if you know now how I feel
Or did you ever even really care

The passage of times paints many times
The changes seen upon my somber face
Fading light casts doubts that creep
Along the lines your memories trace

A mere mortal of clay I sit here molded
Shaped and re-shaped with your every whim
Even your absence yet another carving
Of the woman Iíve become deep within

Your masterpiece never quite finished
Until someday, my artist, youíve retired
Only then will my love have faded away
Only when my final breath has expired

(Inspired by and loosely related to Richard Reed Jr's poem "The Sculpting" which can be read at

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        09-05-2006     BJ Niktabe        

I can't recall how many times I have visited this page, and read this piece, over and over. Yet each time ends the same way. I find myself very moved by this writing, but so awed by the beauty of it, that I am left speechless! When we spoke of this poem during your visit, I honestly thought I had commented on it, because I know I had been here so many times. Again, I am speechless, as I read the babbling that I've typed here! LOL

This is absolutely beautiful, and the photo makes it even more so. I think I said to you something to that effect! Great job!

        08-25-2006     Walter Jones        

Just the other side of words, image explosion, good use of emotion and sound, great write.. Walt

        08-20-2006     Elisabeth Hatheway        

I love art and was inspired by this poem. Your words are simply beautiful, they had also been sculpted out of nothing. But the imagination had no limits or boundaries, therefore dreams can be reached so easily, we just have to close our eyes and BELIEVE.

        08-17-2006     Gregory Christiano        

Like broad paint brush strokes - creating an artistic work with words. Very eloquent and charming also, Mary. Well conceived and masterfully written. Really enjoyed this one.

        08-09-2006     David Pekrul        

This writing is good all on its own, but with the picture you have included, it is exceptional. We are molded by everyone around us, expecially the one we love. Your poem expresses this well.

        08-09-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

Yes, yes, the feeling comes through your window pane so intensely, so clearly.

It's very beautiful and you honor yourself and me with it's writing.

Thank you,


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