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The Golden Door

by Elisabeth Hatheway
copyright 08-28-2006

Age Rating: 7 +
The Golden Door

Long, long ago, after God had created the Heavens and the Earth, time and space, He sat up in the clouds and pondered up thoughts with His all-knowing mind. He couldn't see how He would send newborns down to Earth. He also wondered how He would send down His angel messengers to people with little faith in His being, and how the noble spirits of His heavenly children would return to Him someday. As He gazed down on Earth, He noticed the constellations of the stars. With a flick of His finger, He mixed in several more stars that formed a door-like pattern in the middle of the summer sky. He named His new constellation, the Golden Door which would allow mortals and immortals to pass through each other's worlds. The door remains open, symbolizing the eternal love God has for His children and the hope and faith that someday, each and every soul will return to Him in Heaven.

* I purposely made this story short because it is meant to be read for a bedtime story.

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        01-29-2008     Alexandra Spencer        


That was just like a bed time story.

Please write more like this.

        08-29-2006     Jane Lee        

Wow... this is such a sweet bedtime story.^^

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