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Two Means Three

by Tammy Frascona (Age: 35)
copyright 09-12-2006

Age Rating: 16 +
Two Means Three

Hand in Hand, strolling down a new path...
Silence is broken with words of the aftermath.

"What did we do?" He says to me,
The thought of answering makes me want to flee.

"You love me don't you?" I ask in a hurry.
He's even quicker to say..."Of that you shouldn't worry!"

He asks again..."What have we done?"
"Everything will work out, we've won!"

"How so? He says with a mild grin.
"We have each other and a child within"

"Your father will lose his head when he hears" He bursts out!
I calmly step in..."It's not his life, it's ours, chill out!

"So we got married at eighteen without no ones blessing" I add
"Don't be scared about my dad."

"We can do this all by our-selves." I say convincingly
"Well I'm glad you're taking this so well!" He says smugly.

"I'm sorry we didn't do things the right way." I say
"I do love you Jenny with all of me, I'm just scared of everything." He says looking away.

"We said that together we could do anything, so I'm not scared Greg!"
"Trust me and you'll see... we have everything we need" I begged.

"When are we going to tell your folks Jenny?"
"Tonight would be best if we don't want any more trouble... we're already in plenty!"

"Okay Greg you're right I suppose."
"We'll just tell them it's our decision... case closed."

Hand in hand, walking down an uncertain path,
Silence again; contemplating their parents wrath.

This poem is not true for me, but to many people it is, so I wrote it so those people would have some hope that every thing will be okay, no matter how scared or uncertain they are! If you have love on your side, things will work out the way they are meant to! Thanks for reading! Tammy F.

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        02-14-2007     Misty Montier        

thanks for tackling the issue...I agree with Victoria, just a bit of tweaking of the rhyming meter, and you've got a masterpiece...also, I know it was for clarity, but you didn't need to add the comment at the sort of detracts from the message...when you write, write unapologetically...whether its about you, someone you know or simply fictional...

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