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Nature's Ways of Life

by James Shammas (Age: 53)
copyright 09-19-2006

Age Rating: 1 +

Nature's ways of life keep things nice and warm.
The owl hoots. The deer prance in the snow.
Squirrels climb trees. Life is wonderful!
Spring flowers bloom and trees grow.
Fish are born. Water rushing. Frogs spawn.
Grass grows. Leaves blow. In the fields,
Corn grows. Birds fly, mate, and sing
In the beautiful breeze. Water splashes
Around the rocks, waves crash, and stars dance
In the moonlight. Acorns fall. Butterflies
Fly in the sunlight. Wonderful things
Happen in the morn. Everything around you--
Up and through the trees, and out in the park--
Is a world you never heard of. We love spring!

* Christopher, my 6 and three-quarter year-old son, composed this, after spending an impromptu outing with me-- his Dad-- in a park near our home. As he has yet to learn how to write, he requested that I transcribe his words on paper for him. The format is mine, but the word choice, diction, and syntax are his. He is excited to see if it earns any stars, as his sister did last year!

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        01-28-2007     Jeniffer Brand        

THAT, was sooooo refreshing. Very nice! Thank you!

        10-08-2006     Kimberly Prom        

That was sweet of you. I could actually picture everything quite easily. Very beautiful imagery received as reading this. I simply enjoyed this very much. Excellent write.

        10-08-2006     Richard Reed Jr        


Thank you for such a wonderful poem. It had lots of feeling, and certainly shows how observant you are.

Good job!


        09-24-2006     David Pekrul        

I think he did a fantastic job. He shows real observance to the world around him, and knows how to express it. At that age I was still trying to read "See dick run".

        09-20-2006     Brian Dickenson        

Well done Christopher, a poet in the making. You have my vote, spring is my favourite season, all the new life.
I would have a word with your dad however. Your writing is good, but I'm not sure about his layout.
Keep on writing, in a few short years you could be leading the field.

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