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What A Shame!

by David Pekrul
copyright 09-27-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

Never even saw it coming, what a shame,
What a shame!
Now my life will never, ever be the same.

She was standing there before me,
In a little mini-skirt,
And I tried, but wasn’t able,
To avoid the need to flirt,
What a shame!

And I tried to keep from looking, what a shame,
What a shame!
But I don’t think I am really all to blame.

For she looked so sweet and pretty,
In her little bobby-socks,
With her hair pulled back in pigtails,
She was such a little fox,
What a shame!

My dear Mother tried to warn me, what a shame,
What a shame!
That the girls would always play this silly game.

First, they’d take your heart and twist it,
Into several little knots,
Then they’d hold you and they’d kiss you,
‘Till you’re seeing little spots,
What a shame!

Now I’m feeling rather giddy, what a shame,
What a shame!
Fell in love before I even knew her name.

So I asked if she would marry,
And if she would be my wife,
She’s the mother of my children,
And I’ve settled down for life,
What a shame!

And to think that I was single, what a shame,
What a shame!
Running wild and having parties, now I’m tame.

Glad I changed my way of living,
With this lady by my side,
I’m content and very happy,
Though for years I tried to hide,
What a shame!

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        10-19-2006     Amy Brown        

I love this poem, It reminds me of when guys look at me in school thinking I don't notice, hehe. Men are quite funny.

        10-01-2006     Deborah Thomas        

How cute! Have I ever told you how lucky I believe your wife to be.. that you dote on her so!
If ever there one thing I could ask for, it's that my husband would make me feel special to him. Maybe I need to put in a prayer request? Seriously!

        09-28-2006     Brian Dickenson        

I could hear the country music in the background. Women were ever so. It must be in the genetics, programed into them in the womb.
Of course we men are no less strange, just programmed in a different fashion.
We can fall in love with a great pair of legs, or delightful derrière, and that's from twenty yards
I must confess to being just the same.

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