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Wannabe A Pioneer

by tigerlilly
copyright 10-08-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

At this point in my life, I wish to be transported back into mid to late 1800s. I expect that you are wondering why, so it is now my duty to explain to you why I would give my sixteen years of life on this Earth to start a new life in that time period. Keep an open mind, and give it a chance. There will be no consequence if you refute my opinion. All that you will have lost is maybe a few minutes of your time. You may gain, however, a new perspective or insight. Or, you may find a reason to develop your own opinion on the subject, and this, is all I can ask of you.

First, though I will admit I love computers and technology, it has taken our formerly social world and torn our peoples apart. Arguably, some may claim that technology has united the world. This is true to a certain extent, but you must be willing to hear my opinion and keep an open mind. With a computer, a television, cars, indoor everything, etc., we have become isolated. Small villages similar to those existent in the 1800s have disappeared, and in their place, a Chevy dealership and a strip mall. We have far less human-to-human contact, and the relationships we do have are based on superficial Ďin-commonsí that will eventually go away. In the 1800s, human-to-human contact was necessary for survival, and the depth and passion in those relationships was far stronger than we could ever even fathom today.

There were far more hardships during that time than there are now. However, as time changes, we develop different problems and crises in our world. The struggles encountered by pioneer families dealt with keys to survival whereas most of our struggles deal with issues like drugs, crime rate, terrorism, poverty, and constant hypocrisy. These are not things that any human should be prideful for. Of course, I do take into consideration the problems of our past. We have sacrificed lives and many other things to overcome these problems and issues. Perhaps I havenít made my perspective clear. Urban areas always have crime, poverty, and other timeless problems. However, I am focusing on the towns and villages in the western territories where weather conditions could change a familyís life forever. These are the sorts of problems I mean to address.

This essay is really just a collaboration of ideas racing through my head, none of which can be clearly explained. Do not be surprised if my paragraphs are a just mass of unorganized ideas. My only explanation for it is the love I have developed for the pioneers from literature, fiction and non-fiction, as well as television shows.

Ironically enough, Iíve always been what I considered a city girl. While I am fascinated by nature, I donít really like being dirty (i.e. camping) or exposed to elements like bugs. You may see this as hypocritical, but you must also take into consideration that I was born in a house, raised in a house, and still live in a house. Never was I constantly exposed to the rustics of the outdoors. Obviously being born into a world where being outside was inevitable, I wouldnít have had any reason to complain.

Similarly, I have always embraced technology as it has done so much good for our world. Web designing has always been a passion of mine, and I do love TV, but these things, are only ways to fill an entertainment void. I can see myself going to dances, church socials, quilting circles, sitting around playing the fiddle, and just enjoying human interaction.

Most importantly, without movies and other common Ďdate spotsí, courting was something truly special. Taking walks, eating supper, enjoying nature, and just enjoying each otherís company was the intimacy of courting in the 1800s. That same intimacy is what I wish to have when and if I do meet that right person. There were few distractions, and you were forced to learn about your lover and actually spend time doing things with he/she.
As I watch Laguna Beach on MTV, I am just baffled by the contrast in relationships from then and now. Fights over who hooked up with whom, different affairs every week, and nothing truly special are the concept of relationships now. Similarly, I observe my classmates meeting someone on Monday and reciting the three most passionate words in the world to each other on Friday. While I do believe that love at first sight does exist, I must admit that Iím a skeptic when it Ďoccursí to every couple every time at my high school. Iím not interested in dating for fun, and Iím not interested in relationships solely based on physical attraction. What I am looking for is a man who is looking for me. Of course I donít expect this to happen anytime soon, but this is my wish.

Iíve covered the basic and most important elements explaining why I would love to live in the 1800s. There are a few less important things that I will share with you as well. Wearing a dress/long skirt everyday seems so lovely as well as never worrying about stylish haircuts and makeup. These things are important to me now because that is what society expects, but this was a different case in the 1800s. It seems to me women lived lavishly, even if they were poor. Iím all for being a strong career woman, but I donít want to miss my opportunity to be considered lavish and delicate. Doing everything by hand, though it is back breaking work, also appeals to me. There was extra care put into everything: clothes, food, homes, etc. Everything was of value. While I love my Lean Cuisine and store-bought clothes, I see something special in their wardrobe and diet.

Perhaps Iím living in a fantasy, and perhaps I havenít made my point, but writing this out is a release. It is a release of my hopes, wishes, thoughts, and wildest dream. Maybe anything is possible. Maybe I will come back in a next life as a pioneer. Iím not sure that is likely to happen, but you never know. For now, I can only wish that someday, when I am out of school, I will do something great in my life like become a historian or a writer of a really great western romantic seriesÖor even a surgeon. As far as Iím concerned, we still live in a pioneer world where opportunities are vast and getting vaster. And if I look in the right places, maybe I will find that man out there somewhere who shares my hopes and dreams. I believe this is a love story more than anything else.

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