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by Taryn Drag (Age: 28)
copyright 10-11-2006

Age Rating: 13 +

Alright, this is the start of a Star Fox fan fiction. That's basically the only kind of story I fictions. So you might not get it if you don't know Star Fox. However, critiques would be appreciated. I just don't know if I'm really cut out for writing stories or not, and want to see if I should just stick to poems. Thanks!

"I'm sorry...What?"
Fox cringed, fighting back tears. This was hard. "I said, I don't think that this team is right for you, Krystal. You should leave. Please understand where I'm coming from--"
"All I understand," Krystal spat, venom in her voice. "is that you let me join Star Fox, and told me you loved me. How could you even do this to me, Fox?!"
"Hey!" Fox snapped back, resorting to anger. "I'm doing this for a reason! You think I WANT to kick you off the team? I DO love you! But if you stay, you'll be in a lot of danger!"
"Oh, so you don't think I can handle myself in a fight, is that it?" Krystal accused, arms crossed defensively.
Fox's vibrant green eyes narrowed. "Don't start that. You know I don't think that. However, I know YOU. I know that you're very easily influenced, and because of that, this team is not the best one for you."
Her blood boiled. Her hand raised. A slap. Tears. Screaming...
* * *
"Fox, quit daydreaming! We're receiving a message from General Pepper!" Peppy's southern drawl tore Fox from his unpleasant memory of two months previous.
"Sorry, old timer." Fox mumbled, and switched on the holographic communicator. The old general's face appeared.
"General Pepper, here!" he said; his usual greeting. "I have a new mission for you, Fox! I'm sending you to a remote edge of the Lylat system to a planet called Lornas. There, a human girl has been taken prisoner!" Fox's eyebrows raised. A human? That was something that was very rarely heard of in the Lylat system. "Your fee has been approved." Pepper continued. "Should you succeed, then the money will be forwarded to you. I'm sending you the coordinates to Lornas as we speak. Pepper out!" The holo-comm switched off.
Fox grinned. Alright, a mission! This would definitely help him get his mind off of Krystal. "Well, you heard the general." Fox said, rising to his feet. "Slip, ready the arwing for takeoff." Slippy immediately ran for the docking bay. "ROB, get the coordinates for the planet." The monotone 'affirmative' answered him. Peppy smiled over at Fox as he put his pilot's helmet on. The boy was becoming more like his father every day.
Fox climbed into his arwing, welcoming the lingering smell of lazer fire and oil. "Ya ready, old girl?" he whispered, hand caressing the steering wheel. His arwing was his baby.
"Good luck, Fox!" Slippy called from the bridge, where he was standing with Peppy and Falco. Fox fired up the arwing.
"Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Falco yelled over the roar of the engine. Laughing, Fox gave a thumbs-up to his cocky, sarcastic friend. "Atta boy!" Falco grinned.
The massive door opened, beckoning him. Fox hit the 'Launch' button, and his arwing sped out into the black void of space. A small, dark planet could be seen far in the distance. It would be heavily guarded. He was ready for anything.
The blue and white fighter ship headed for the planet. Fox looked about in apprehensive confusion. Where were all the defenses? There were always defense lines around planets. Maybe this one was too far out? That had to be it; it made the most sense. He landed, strange as it was, with no problems at all.
Lornas was a very lush jungle planet. The leaves on the trees were a very dark green, and half the size of his body. No sky was visible through them. A bright blue stream weaved its way along, like a ribbon tossed carelessly to the ground. It was a beautiful planet, but Fox knew better.
His hand-held holo-comm switched on. Peppy's kindly face came into focus. "Great flying, Fox. What do you make of that? There was no problem with the landing!"
Fox frowned. "Yeah, I know. It didn't make any sense. There's always some sort of a defense."
"Be alert." Peppy warned. "But on the lighter side of things, it looks like a relatively safe planet. It's almost ten miles to where we believe the human is being held. Hide among the trees and you should be fine." the old rabbit explained. "If you should need to protect yourself, use our remake of Krystal's staff rather than blasters. We don't know how this planet's surface would react to lazer fire." Fox felt his stomach lurch at Krystal's name, but he nodded. "Good luck. We'll be watching. Peppy out." The comm switched off. He was alone.
After walking for an hour or so, Fox discovered that this planet was alive with animals of every shape and sort. He did not recognize any of them. Most were reptile-like creatures in streams or hiding among the vegetation. Others were vibrantly colored birds in the trees, their feathers vivid and bright. There were no dull colors here.
Sitting on a large boulder to rest, he took a look at his compass. He was headed in the right direction, it was just taking longer than expected. He lied back, eyes scanning the trees. He could still see no sky. He was starting to miss it.
A sudden beeping took him by surprise, and he yelped and sat up abruptly. His holo-comm was beeping. Fox laughed a nervous chuckle and switched it on. Peppy's face came to view. "You scared me to death, Peppy! What on Corneria is wrong?" Fox asked, short of breath from his scare.
"Just wanted to let you know," Peppy said. "that something is headed your way. It's not one of the planet's animals, as our sensors indicated a difference in the species. We're unsure if it's a threat or not...Just be careful. Peppy out." The comm switched off.
Something was coming? What? And from where? Peppy didn't tell him anything useful! He pulled the remake of Krystal's staff from his back and held it ready. Adrenaline pulsed through him. His eyes narrowed. "C'mon..." he muttered. "Where are you?"
Before long, the sound of hurried footsteps met his ears. His body tensed. They came closer. His grip on the staff tightened. A figure broke through the trees, and Fox leaped into action immediately. The next sequence of events was a blur. Swinging the staff, a scream, a pair of cold hands grasping his wrists to stop him. When he stopped, he was staring into the frightened gray eyes of a pale skinned, brown haired human girl. He gasped. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to...Are you okay?" he asked hurriedly.
The girl groaned and clung to his arm as he helped her to her feet. "Yes, I'm fine." she answered. "Sorry for that. I've been locked up for a few days, and I just escaped. I figured they'd be following me, so...I ran."
Fox nodded. "I was sent to rescue you." The girl laughed.
"Kind of unnecessary now, don't you think?" she asked.
He shook his head. "I'm afraid not. You're free, and that's the most important part. But I still need to find out who did it, find out why, and stop them." Panic filled her eyes. Fox touched her shoulder gently. "Calm down, I'm not going to make you go back. I can send a transport for you." He reached for his holo-comm, but her hand stopped his. Confused, he quirked a brow at her.
A smile lit up her face. "I'm going with you. You were going to save me. The least I can do is help you."
Fox sighed. He hated bringing others along on missions. They were things he preferred to do alone. However...Meeting a human was something that very rarely happened in the Lylat system, and it wasn't like the girl was obnoxious. What was the harm in it? "Alright. You can come." he said. "Do you have some way of protecting yourself?"
She thought for a moment, then nodded. "I've got a knife..." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a switchblade. "I grabbed it while I was escaping. Had to punch out a guard to do it." He grinned. She had spirit, this girl.
"Okay, nice. Let's get moving." The two began walking in silence. Finally, he said, "By the way...I'm Fox McCloud."
The girl smiled, eyes bright and slightly mischievous. "I'm Kaitlyn."

That would be the end of chapter one...Critiques greatly appreciated.

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