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Anything (version 2)

by Travis Bauer (Age: 30)
copyright 10-16-2006

Age Rating: 1 +

If there's anything I can say,
To tell you how I feel...
I'd tell you a story...
A story that has me and you,
In a happily ending fantasy...

If there's anything I can do,
To show you I can treat you like no other...
I'd take you on a dance...
A never ending dance with me and you,
With the world as our dance floor...

If there's anything I can give,
To let you have so you know I love you...
I'd break your heart wide open,
So I could rip open my chest and give you mine...
All this, so you know my heart is always with you...

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        12-01-2006     James Shammas        

I really like the rawness and intensity of the language of the last stanza. It came as a welcome and unexpected surprise compared to the more traditional love language of the first two stanzas. Good!

        11-27-2006     Kay Murphy        

Beautiful poem you have written. It touched me a lot. Quite smooth as well.

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