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The Heavy Cross

by Euna Park (Age: 24)
copyright 12-01-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

A man was unhappy
For he had many troubles on his mind
Each more weighty than the last
And he could not bear it

He cried to the Lord
"Lord! My cross is too heavy
For me to bear!
Deliver me My God!"

The Lord answered
"Be well my son for I
Will deliver you from the cross
Which you bear."

The man whispered
"Thank you."
The Lord said
"Take your cross and place it in that room."

The man obeyed
and the Lord said
"Now you must choose another cross to bear
From the next room."

The man opened the door to the next room
And he saw thousands of crosses
Some made of solid metal and reaching the sky
Some made of wood with vicious splinters

The man spotted a cross
That was so small it fit into his fist
Light as a feather, smoothly carved
And was made of willow wood

The man said
"Lord I would like this cross."
The Lord replied
"You may have it, but my son...

"That is the cross that which you had first placed into the room."

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        02-18-2014     Regina Lehman        

Very beautiful poem.! We all have our crosses to bare,but the Lord will help us with each and every one of them..he will get the victory...the glory,the honor and the praise..!

        02-20-2007     Jessica Peters        

This is REALLY awesome. We all have crosses to bear, and if you really think about it and look at some of the other burdens people have, it makes you appreciate your life that much more.

        12-15-2006     BJ Niktabe        

We all have crosses to bear throughout our lives. Some are heavy, some are light, but we must bear them all the same. There is no sense in trading one cross for another, for the next one may well be a much bigger and heavier burden to carry!

Carry each one through to the end and draw strength from it, then pick up the next when you come to it, and carry that to the end also.

This is a good story with a moral that we can all learn from! You did a great job in getting this point across. Thank you so much for this one!

        12-09-2006     Jane Lee        

WOW... I love this poem. I really have no words to say... ITs practically PERFECT.

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