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New Moon- Part three

by Tasha Wells (Age: 26)
copyright 12-05-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

The third part of my very long story^.^ Please enjoy ¬.¬'

Serena eventually took her broach but that was with a lot of hesitation
“I'm going to take it, but you guys have to do me a favour: when I am in trouble, I don't want you guys helping me, no matter how much I'm in trouble. Is that OK?” She then looked at Raye who had a look of concern in her face
“Why though? Why don't you want our help? I mean, what if you nearly died or something?” Raye was upset not, but when Serena spoke again, her voice was emotionless
“I have my own reasons. If the unlikely event like me dying would occur I don't know if I would want help, I have decided and even if I'm dying, I don't ant any help!. I have to go, I have homework to do. See you all tomorrow.” She had remembered Darien and thought that she needed a word with him, she decided to go to his place and then she walked off. Mina asked why Serena would say such things but Amy interrupted her by saying
“I'm sure that Serena has her reasons and when she feels that the time is right, then she will tell us.” The girls left it at that and they all decided to go home too as they had homework.

Serena walked slowly to Darien's apartment, her mind was cast on what she was going to say to him.
“I've been so cold to him lately. It is for the best though, like the dream said!” She was now stood outside his apartment, her heart was racing, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Darien answered in a few seconds and when they saw each other face to face, they seemed to look like strangers. Darien was the first to speak
“Serena?! How great it is to see you again...” Darien seemed really pleased to see Serena, she had cut him off and as she spoke she looked at the floor
“Who are you trying to kid? I know you aren't happy to see me! How can you be? I was so cold to you!” she continued to look at the floor “When I think about it, you have actually never been happy to see me! I'm sorry that I have been cold, and I'm friends with Raye again. As for being Sailor Moon, I'm not sure about that yet” Darien was just staring at Serena, he was totally shocked by what Serena was saying but she continued “I haven't been feeling too well lately and I'm going to go and get some rest now..” Serena turned and Darien asked her
“Why? What do you mean by all of that you had just said? Answer me Serena!” He looked at Serena who refused to look at him and with a flat voice spoke
“It really doesn't matter! If you are not intelligent enough to see what I am saying then it doesn't matter!” She walked off after that leaving Darien stood in the hallway, shocked by what she had just said to him. Serena hated it,
“Why couldn't I tell him what I meant? Why did I have to be so cold about it?” She thought about that weird dream. It had said that if she and everyone she loved were to remain alive, then she would have to break up with the one that she loved the most. The dream was a lot different to the one that Serena and Darien had shared before, this one really got to her, she didn't care about herself living, she wanted everyone else to live. She had no idea that it was best for her as the dream wasn't what it seemed!

Serena was angry and upset about the talk that she and Darien had just had, when she heard a scream. It sounded like a scream from a little boy, Serena ran at the best she could to where she heard it and she saw the enemy,
“Oh no! I have to do something, that enemy might kill her if she has the crown thing that they are looking for” The crown thing was a load of energy and in just one or two people, had it. If it was taken the person would be killed by the enemy or if they lived their memories( I know it is rubbish but it plays a big part later on!) and once captured the energy in it will help the enemy of which the scouts didn't know about just yet. Serena wanted to save the little boy and she transformed into Sailor Moon and then all doubts about being her were gone. She went through her usual speech, when she was half way through it she felt dizzy as becoming Eternal Sailor Moon took a lot of energy, she fainted and the enemy went after her.

She woke up to find the enemy on top of her! She screamed and tried to push it off of her, it wouldn't move. it was about to attack when Sailor Venus' Crescent beam knocked it off. Sailor Mars and Sailor mercury helped the weakened Sailor Moon up to her feet. The enemy had taken this opportunity to try to attack but a red rose stopped it. Everyone looked up to see Tuxedo Mask up on one of the tree branches. they were glad to see him, all except Sailor Moon who was absolutely furious and shot Tuxedo Mask a mucky look. She was mad at him for showing up when she had told him that he should never protect her again. He interrupted her thoughts by telling her to attack, she did so and when she did she almost collapsed, but she stopped herself and her transformation reversed itself. Serena walked off, the girls were puzzled by this
“Serena, why aren't you staying behind with Darien, like you normally do?” Mars asked and Serena only said
“Didn't you see me back then? I was exhausted I need to go home and rest for a bit! I'll talk to you tomorrow.” With that she left leaving the girls still confused. Once she had gone out of sight, they asked Tuxedo Mask
“Hey, is there anything happening between you and Serena? I mean you two normally walk with each other and Serena is never with you! What's going on?!” The girls were demanding the answers but Tuxedo Mask thought about it and hesitated with his answer. He was almost about to tell them but thought that Serena would be really mad at him for it so he said
“No, nothings wrong! Like she said she, is exhausted and needs rest. I am going to let her get what she needs, is that OK?” When he spoke, his voice was as emotionless as Serena's had once been, luckily no one but him noticed this. The girls believed in his answer.

When Serena finally got home she was exhausted. Rini appeared at the door way of the living room
“Serena!! Hey, how are you doing?” Rini looked happy to see Serena and she gave her a hug
“Hey Rini, I was told that you were coming in a weeks time!” Serena purposely ignored the question when Rini had asked how was she doing. She didn't want to answer that
“Mum told me that as a surprise I come to visit you earlier than planned!” Rini ran off into the living room, Serena thought that Rini would cheer her up, but little did she know that Rini was going to be trouble for her. Then there was a shout
“Serena, dinner time!” It was Serena's mum's voice, she had told her a couple of times already but Serena hadn't heard her. Serena when she went into the living room, she saw on her plate a load of healthy food.
“Mum, why does everything I eat have to be healthy?” Serena had grown tired of the constant vegetables and fruit
“If you want to keep up your strength for yourself and the baby, you ought to eat healthily!” Serena's mum turned and went into the kitchen and Serena and Rini sat there and smiled at each other,
“She has no idea does she?” They both laughed. Whilst eating her dinner, Serena thought about Darien, he was the dad of the girl sat next to her and she knew that she had to split up with him, this confused her and she didn't know what she was going to do. After dinner, Serena was tired, she went to her room and once in there she collapsed on her bed. Rini came in later and saw Serena on the bed
“God, Serena you are so lazy, going to sleep in the evening...” Rini stopped as when she looked carefully at Serena, she could see that Serena wasn't napping. She then realized that Serena looked like she had no energy what so ever. She jumped when Serena started to wake up. Rini jumping made Serena jump
“Rini?! What are you doing in my room?” Serena could tell that her heart was racing and Rini told her why
“I thought that you were napping but it looked like you were out of energy” Serena knew that she was worrying about her
“You don't have to worry, I'm fine! Honestly, it's just that being pregnant takes up a lot of energy. You are a lot of trouble considering you are so small!” They both laughed, but when they stopped, Rini didn't know if she should believe her.

When she woke up the next day, Serena realized that she was going to be late for school, again. She rushed around the house looking for her stuff. Rini was observing everything that Serena was doing, what shocked her was, Serena was pretending to be all energetic and despite of what Serena had said last night, Rini still didn't believe her.
“Rini, are you getting ready too? You have to get ready soon if you want to go and pay your friends a visit!” Serena's mum shouted, Rini wasn't there for long and she wanted to see her friends. She heard Serena yell good-bye and then she was gone. As soon as Serena turned the corner she needed to rest as she was extremely tired
“I can't keep this up for long, if I keep using the little energy that I have I won't have any all day!”

Serena arrived very early and was surprised by how early Mina was too. Mina spotted Serena and walked up to her
“Hey Serena, why didn't you stay behind yesterday with Tuxedo Mask like you normally do?” Serena was shocked by Mina's question, she didn't know if Darien had mentioned anything to them
“What makes you ask? Did he say anything to you guys or something?” Serena was still shocked but Mina's answer calmed her down a little
“No, he hasn't said anything , we were just wondering that's all! If there is something going on, you two are most certainly keeping it quiet!” Mina looked at her to see if Serena was lying but she couldn't tell
“I'm telling you, nothing is wrong! Now we have to get to our lessons” With that Serena walked off, the excuse was a bad one, lessons didn't start for ten more minutes. She hated to lie, but she felt that it was the only way to keep her from telling the truth, she came close then but stopped herself, she knew that Darien should know everything before her friends found out.

Serena had forgotten her promise to Rini, the promise to take her to the park. As soon as she got in Rini came running up to her
“Serena! Remember you're promise? You promised that you would take me to the park! Can we go now? I've got everything ready too!” Serena didn't have that much energy left but she couldn't be bothered to argue
“OK, get your coat on and we'll go. I have to get changed first though” Serena went to get changed. It wasn't that cold but Serena wore a big coat
“Serena, why are you wearing that huge coat? It's not even that cold!” Rini frowned at her because all Serena said was that she was cold. Serena was cold for the lack of energy that she had. They said good-bye and left. When they got there Rini needed the toilet
“Serena, I'm just nipping to the toilets, I'll be back in a couple of minutes!” then Rini ran off. A few minutes later and Rini still hadn't come back
“How long does it take for a person to go to the toilet?” Serena was irritated by how long Rini was taking to go to the toilet. Her concern for Rini was growing, Serena was about to look for her when she heard a scream,
“That sounds like Rini!” Serena knew that she would need to transform as she saw Rini being held against a tree by the enemy. Serena transformed and went towards the enemy.

Sailor Moon ran into the enemy, knocking it out of the way and freeing Rini
“Hey, are you OK?” Sailor Moon managed to ask but she was already tired
“I didn't know that there was a new enemy! If I knew I would have brought my broach...” Rini was cut off because the enemy had knocked Sailor Moon away to the ground. Rini tried to run but was tied up by the enemy. Sailor Moon who was unable to moved cried out, she remembered that Rini wanted to go to Darien's place tonight as she was not here for long, she was remembering the conversation when the enemy suddenly came up to her and blasted her in her face! Blood appeared from the corner of her mouth, of the little energy that Sailor Moon had, the enemy started to take it. She was becoming weaker and almost gave in when the rose appeared, this moved the enemy off of Sailor Moon and she felt as if all energy had been restored but she wasn't happy! She gave Tuxedo Mask a mucky look
“What do you think you are doing? Saving me again, when I told you not to! I don't need you!” Sailor Moon was absolutely furious
“I doubt that Sailor Moon! You seemed to be having a hard time before I arrived...” Tuxedo Mask was cut off by Sailor Moon throwing a rock in his direction, almost hitting him
“Don't you ever talk to me like that! I am warning you, I can fight on my own and I could fight you on my own too!” Tuxedo Mask was shocked, so was the enemy
“Hey, aren't go going to fight me then?!” The enemy was wound up and Sailor moon destroyed it, she became very weak ans then she collapsed.

Serena woke up to find Darien was holding Rini and she was left on the ground were she was, when she had collapsed.
“Serena?! Are you OK?” Darien seemed to show real concern but Serena wasn't having it
“What business of yours is it? How can you ask that?! You left me on the ground and you have the nerve to ask that!” She was totally disgusted by this. She stumbled to her feet and started to walk home
“Hey, what about Rini? Aren't you going to see if she is OK?” Darien was shocked by Serena's lack of attention towards Rini
“I'm not going to ask about Rini, if she wasn't OK, you would be running around like a headless chicken. That's how I know that she is OK and anyway you're taking her home, isn't that right?!” Serena was close to tears but she carried on “Maybe you like her more than you like me. As when I was unconscious you didn't even come to check on me!” Darien was taking everything in
“Wait a minute, I do care about you and you have got everything wrong about me...” Serena was doing her usual habit, interrupting Darien
“I don't care about what you have to say! If you love her that much, get another girlfriend and when she has a girl, you can name her Rini! The little girl I'm now having won't see her father! I hate you!” She was crying now, her tears wouldn't stop. Darien was stuck for words but Serena ran off so he couldn't say anything, he would have ran after her, but he ha to look after Rini
“Maybe if I had looked after her, she wouldn't have been that mad, but Rini is small and I had to see if she was OK. No, I don't think that me looking after her would have made anything better, she has been so cold to me lately, I wonder why?” Darien picked Rini up and headed for his place.

Serena had ran all the way home without stopping. As soon as she came through the front door she ran up to her room and cried her eyes out on her pillow. She was sorry but she cried herself to sleep. She was woken up by the phone, she got up and hoped it wasn't Darien. Luckily for her it wasn't but it was Raye
“Hey Serena, how would you like to go to town after school tomorrow with me and Amy? We were planning to some shopping, but knowing you, you won't have any money, am I right?” Raye laughed
“You are right, I don't have much money but I'll come into town with you tomorrow, see you then bye.” She put the phone down. She knew that she would be getting a phone call from Rini later telling her when she should arrive home. Rini was going back to her own time tomorrow morning just before school and Serena wanted to spend a bit of time with her. She also wanted to spend time with Darien, which she was doing now. Her mind was cast to thought of Darien, she loved him but on many occasions he didn't understand her feelings, and at times he could even be cruel. They had been going out with each other for three years and Darien still had a lot to learn about her and he could be a bother, he always whined at Serena whenever she did loads of shopping and little things like that. She then remembered the day that Darien had tried to break up with her, he had told her that they don't have to love in the present because of their past.

What did ya'll think?

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        10-27-2008     Alexandra Spencer        

Hey that was really really good, I liked how you set the story out, Serena is pregnant and is still Sailor Moon, but why is she so cold to the Scouts and Darien?

Anyway some words have missing letters but apart from that I don't see any problems.

Keep up the great work


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