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For My Children

by Tammy Frascona (Age: 35)
copyright 12-15-2006

Age Rating: 13 +
For My Children

To: My Children

For you, I will do what needs to be done.
Always for you I will listen to your problems.
Never will I lie to you.
Forever you can count on me.
I will try to understand relentlessly.
I promise to be enough for you.
I stand here proud to be your Mom.
Everything you could ever need I will provide.
My promises are not empty but weighing heavy.
My life is to make sure you are safe, loved, and happy.
You are the most beautiful things I have ever created.
My world would be dumb and pointless with out you.
For You, I will never give up!
For you, I can promise to never be selfish!
For You, Everything I am and do will go unnoticed by you!
For You are the reason I am here!

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