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Lost Tears, a Sailor Moon Story
Small Lady's Dream

by Raycel Mckelleb (Age: 22)
copyright 12-22-2006

Age Rating: 1 +
Lost Tears, a Sailor Moon Story

Princess Small Lady Sereinity, now eighteen (and gained heigth), wrote in her journal about what had happened that day. Small Lady's hand shook for some strange reason. Finally, Small Lady gave up.
Small Lady stopped and put her pen down. Small Lady sighed as she walked to her bedroom window and gazed over her veiw of Crystal Tokyo. Small Lady gazed at the Moon, so bright, the only reflection of the sun's light.
Small lady sighed again, she had never been to the moon, but her mother, Neo Queen Serenity, had lived on the moon a few thousand years ago. "Crystal Tokyo." Small Lady muttered, "how did you become Crystal Tokyo?"
Small Lady walked out of her room and browsed around the castle.
"Small Lady," said a voice behind her, "where are you going?" Small Lady turned to see her freind, Princess Saturn, standing there, with her towering Silence Glaive.
"Oh, just taking a walk around the palace. I'm a little bored, so..."
"I just wanted to know, Princess. I'm bored too." Saturn laughed. "Give a yell if you need anything." Saturen turned and walked off.
Small Lady walked farther down the hall and out the door, she could see the pond with plenty of roses. Small Lady strode to the flowers and stroked of the petals, who seemed to shiver when Small Lady touched them.
"Jeez." Small Lady muttered to the rose. "Why am I still called Small Lady? Do you think you know?"
The rose shook it's head, as if it was replying. Small Lady walked back into the palace, she suddenly felt very tired. Small Lady layed herself in her bed and closed her eyes.
Listening to her own breathing, she drifted off to sleep.

"Where am I?" wondered Small Lady as she gazed around the purple void. "Is this a dream?"
*Oh...* whispered a voice, *It is a dream that you will never wake up from!*
Small Lady looked up to see a black shadow above her. The shadow spiraled down and took shape of a woman...a woman that her mother told her about.
"S-s-sailor Galaxia?!" she stuttered.
*Correct, Little Lady.*
"But...Mother said that you were healed!"
*You're mother did heal me, but I my wickidness lives on! You will not wake up from this dream, HA HA HA HA!!* Galaxia held up her hand and golden disc's shot out of it. Small Lady ducked, they all missed her by a hair.
"SOMEBODY PINCH ME!" Small Lady screamed, she felt a pain in her arm and suddenly found herself surrouned by Princess Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus.
"You OK?" Princess Venus asked.
"Her pulse is fine." said Princess Jupiter. "Did you have a bad dream?"
"I...uh...think Galaxia has returned." Small Lady whispered.

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        06-18-2007     Alma Hulbert        

This is a good chapter. You could just say 'she' instead of saying "Small Lady'. Also, if you look, Saturen is spelled Saturn. Also, in the first paragraph, you don't have to make a sentence for every move she makes. You can push them together, just don't turn them into run-ons. From there on, if you read, you will find the mistakes. Talk to you later.
~Alma H.

        06-13-2007     Katrina Mcginnis        

this is a very good chapter but you need to make it longer.i hope the next chapters are as good or better.try adding a little more description in it.

        04-24-2007     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Good first chapter! It's very small though. You probably could of combined this with the next chapter, although I won't be able to say for sure until I read it. I like your idea though! :) So, when does the dragon com into play? Very impressive you've already completed a book on PnP though! I also must thank you, seeing how quickly you've completed this has inspired me to post my completed book of 2006, Past Alive! Check it out some times! A few grammatical errors and that sort, but nothing that stood out to me very much. Good work, keep writing! Good luck on the other book you've got in the workshop! You need a little more describing in this chapter, though.

Leigh of the Commenting Community

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