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Goodbye Too Soon

by Tammy Frascona (Age: 35)
copyright 12-23-2006

Age Rating: 10 +
Goodbye Too Soon
Picture Credits: Images/bleeding%20heart.jpg

I've said goodbye a time or two...
But none hurt so bad as to leave you.
You were my first everything,
Even the first to give me a ring.

From eleven to seventeen you were mine,
Things were great, wonderful, and divine.
I remember holding hands during lunch,
And our friends... Wow! A crazy bunch!

Laughing about who got the higher English grade,
Loving the memories that were being made.
You taught me how to be myself,
And to put myself higher on the shelf.

We did everything together it seemed,
Not being together... I could have never dreamed.
Until the day came when you said you were going to college,
And I had to choose between starting a family or knowledge.

You had to leave and wanted me to go,
But I couldn't see that kind of life for me; ya know.
I knew I was done with school,
You thought I was just being cruel.

You wanted a family with me but not right away,
I sacrificed our love and now our dreams have gone astray.
You said that you would never be happy with anyone else but me,
You even pleaded with me on your knees.

I love you please know this,
I always have and miss the bliss.
The kisses and hugs, the fights and the love,
I miss it all and now am deprived of.

I still cry when I think about what I did,
I thought I was making my life better; God Forbid.
And he did too... I am miserable without you,
I am writing this now wishing that you knew!

I said good bye five years too soon,
Now I'm living a life marooned.
Stuck with the decision I made so early on,
Knowing that forever you are gone.

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        04-09-2007     Alma Hulbert        

No more 10 lined poems for you. This was really good. The reading was smooth. A few places it seemed were forced to rhyme but it was good anyway. I've never heard of a school relationship lasing 6 years, unless you were preps that only stayed with each other because people thought you two looked good together. Like you were his hair gel and he was your purse, not saying you were like that. Anyway, this was a really deep poem. Hope I read more. Talk to you later.
~Alma H.

        02-06-2007     Ashley Mcbee        

Tammy your poems are getting better and better. I too had to hold back the tears. Keep up the good work.

        01-31-2007     Melissa Adams        

Great poem Tammy. Your words are truly beautiful in this one. Several times I had to choke back tears because it spoke to me.

Keep up the great work.

        01-29-2007     Tina Hicks        

What are great poem. Saying goodbye to someone is always hard. specially when you know in your heart he's the one. I love your work keep it up.

Tina Hicks

        01-25-2007     Richard Reed Jr        

I feel like I am there in the poem with you.
Nostalgia is great for some and I know I'd miss so many things in life if I didn't move on -yet I always feel sad at the good times left behind.

Good write,


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