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Cruising Van Nuys Boulevard

by David Pekrul
copyright 01-10-2007

Age Rating: 13 +

I climbed aboard my Chevy with my Baby by my side,
I started up the engine and I took her for a ride,
We cruised the streets of Van Nuys; I was showing off real proud,
My Chevy and my Baby, both were pleasing to the crowd.

We stopped to get a burger and a root beer and some fries,
She told me that she loved me, as she looked into my eyes,
I felt so very happy as she told me how she felt,
Another Baby ‘captured’ and a notch upon my belt.

The ladies were the reason that I cruised the boulevard,
I wanted to be ‘famous’, and it wasn’t very hard,
My Chevy and a ‘Honey’ were the things that made me free,
Was all I ever wanted, and was all that I would be.

Now, each and every moment was a pleasure and a thrill,
But little did I know that it would soon be all uphill,
For each and every ‘Honey’ understood what I was like,
And soon, before I knew it, I was riding on a bike.

The ladies got together and decided it was time,
To teach this boy a lesson, (how I hate this lousy rhyme!),
They found a way to separate me from my Chevrolet,
They stole my car and blew it up, (so this is how I pay!).

And now I am so humble as I ride upon my bike,
I always hated losers, now I know what it is like,
Now longer cruising Van Nuys, I am off to Disneyland,
I’ll have a talk with Mickey Mouse, and we will take a ‘stand’.

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