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by Amanda Carroll (Age: 26)
copyright 01-18-2007

Age Rating: 1 +

The Riveter has changed
From the way she used to be.
She goes to yoga classes
And she drives an SUV.

The school bus driverís waiting;
Feed the kids before they leave.
But could the time spent waving
Be spent rolling up your sleeve?

Oh, Rosie, are you lost
Beneath the cloud of men?
Our boys are going out to war
Weíre needing you again.

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        01-23-2007     Walter Jones        

Ah you touch a spot remembered, more you share a taste for image and sound joined in a creative package, enjoyed.. Walt

        01-19-2007     Richard Reed Jr        

Lots to like about this short poem. It's well-written with moving sentiments of good old fashioned patriotism.

Too many people are apathetic about what our soldiers do in the world.

Perhaps we have become too accustomed to it. I don't know, nevertheless. Cheers to our boys protecting our freedom, and cheers to your poem,


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